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Dynamically Send Text Messages From Different Numbers

Today I had a strategy call with one of our users. Their business has multiple locations and we identified a low hanging fruit opportunity that involved texting customers at some key points in the relationship in order to keep the communication channel open and avoid losing the customer through attrition.

Great, right?

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Well, if you don't watch this video, then you might feel differently. Normally when someone imagines having to set up an Infusionsoft Campaign that involves sending text messages from Infusionsoft from multiple numbers they would imagine they have to set up a sequence for each phone number with a decision diamond to control which sequence is initiated.

That might not sound too painful at first, since you can easily set up the first sequence and then just copy the sequence and update the HTTP Post URLs. However, if you ever decide to make a change to the messages or flow, you're now looking at a multiple of work and a lot that can go wrong.

So in this video I show you an easy way to use a single sequence to send text messages from different phone numbers.

Potential use cases are multiple locations, as in this case, using a country specific number for sending messages to increase international engagement, using a team member specific number for sales and customer support situations, and any other situation where a bulk of the sequence is the same, but we need to change the sender's information and characteristics.