Facebook Driven Non-Automated-Webinar Automated Video Sales


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Want to Experience WhatFixYourFunnel Can Do for Your Business?

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Facebook-Driven Non-Automated-Webinar Automated Video Sales

It's a mouthful, but if you sell high ticket products or services, this method is PURE GOLD. We used this method to create a little business we took from 0-$40K/mo in sales with one salesperson and a 10x ROI on ad spend.And we'll show you exactly how it's done.This method doesn't just drive short-term sales, it opens the doors to really connect with prospects for long-term sales opportunities.

How Does It Work?

Folks have been using webinars for years to deliver education content that leads to purchases.And, that method still works, but if you're using Facebook to drive traffic, there's a new approach that works EVEN BETTER!When you hear of the strategy is an understanding that we've shifted as a society to expecting things on demand.

The Psychology

When I was kid, I remember looking forward to Friday with extreme anticipation. It wasn't just because school would be finished for the week, but because of Knight Rider and Dukes of Hazard.I loved those shows, but they were only on Friday evenings.So I impatiently waited for the coveted time slot and everything in my life paused so I could watch these two shows.I thought about those shows and wanted to show them to my kids the other day. Did I have to wait until Friday evening to show them? No, I pulled up the show on my phone, cast it to the TV and we watched an episode right then.If I wanted to, I could binge watch the entire 4 seasons in a single sitting. No one can keep me from my media.

Buck it or Flow with it

So you and I have a decision to make, do we buck the trend and try and force folks to learn about our business on our schedule, or do we let them have their way, with some important conditions?I've found that going with the flow gives better results. Maybe it's the SoCal in me, but I love riding the wave instead of trying to hold back the tide.

The Set Up

We use Facebook ads to drive folks to a Facebook Lead Ad Form. I love these forms because they provide much better data than any web form I've ever used.You don't know what a Facebook Lead Ad Form is? I'm not sure if they saw how many links in ads went to LeadPages and other squeeze pages and decided they could do it better or what, but they did do it better.Facebook will host a squeeze page that loads instantly. But what's more, they will preload the form fields with any contact information they have for the Facebook user so that the Facebook user doesn't even have to type a single thing.We always ask for 4 things on our Facebook Lead Ad Forms:
  1. Full Name: might as well, it's already populated correctly!
  2. Email Address: we know it's going to be a good one, so mark up another win.
  3. Phone Number: out of over 10K leads we gathered this way, 99% of them were legit mobile phone numbers.
  4. May we text you the video link immediately? This is a yes no question that gave us 80% yes!
The reason we use the Facebook Lead Ad Form is for the quality of the information we get, plus the load speed, multiplied by the ease of use!Our ad is designed to get them to complete the Lead Ad Form. Once they've done that we push the lead information into Infusionsoft using FixYourFunnel Sync.Once the lead is in Infusionsoft we hit a decision diamond on the question of "May we text you the video link immediately?"If they said yes, we text them the link to our blog page with the embedded educational video. We also email them just in case. If they said no, then we only email them the link.Because of FixYourFunnel trackable links, we can know when they tap the link in the text message and initiate timers that tell us when they should be done watching the video.This video, which is only available after they complete the Lead Ad Form, is intended to do what a webinar would do. The difference is we're not pretending this is a live webinar. It's a video, available on demand. The reason we're more than happy to deliver our message in this way is that we already have:
  1. Full Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Mobile Phone Number
  4. Context
If they watch the video completely now or not, we know we have someone who may be interested.

The Secret Sauce

If they gave us permission to text them, then after they have tapped through to the video and enough time has passed for them to watch the video, we can ask them a simple question: "What did you think of the video?"If they didn't give us permission to text them we can take a shot in the dark and email them the same question, but our hopes of them seeing it are not too great.When they reply back to the text message, we'll have a good idea of where they are in the "ready to make a buying decision" spectrum. We can chat with them to help address concerns, answer questions or identify how we should follow up with them for the long term.Using this method we were able to take a business from $0 to $40K/month in sales.

What This is Perfect for

This strategy is perfect for high ticket sales. And I mean perfect!Here's a diagram of the full strategy used by ProduceDept when they implement this strategy for those who sell high ticket items.

Getting This Working For You

Of all the strategies we talk about, this one is admittedly the second most complicated. It does require a certain level of sophistication to set it up properly, but it is easily one of the most valuable when done right.Hopefully the diagram above will help you see how this can be implemented for you, but if you have questions, then I recommend you schedule a call with the architect of this approach, by texting STRATEGY to (760) 621-8199.

Next Step

The next step, if this strategy is for you, is to get a FixYourFunnel Account by clicking the Try Our Text Messaging Service for $1 button at the bottom of your screen!You’ll give us $1 and I’ll give you $20 in credits and 30 days of free service to try it out. If you’re a fast action type of person, you’ll have ROI, over the $19 you make right off the bat, with your first Facebook ad campaigin, and you’ll know if this strategy will work for you!