Funnel Bots

FixYourFunnel is proud to offer FREE Funnel Bots!

Funnel Bots are little recipes that can be used to easily extend the functionality of Infusionsoft.

Funnel Bots are included in our paid accounts, but you can get a FREE Funnel Bot account that will allow you to run 5,000 funnel bots a month!

As you can see from the list of Funnel Bots below these little bots can do some pretty useful things. They have been developed based on real world use cases encountered by Infusionsoft users just like you!

Get your FREE Funnel Bots account today and start leveraging the full power of Infusionsoft!

Slack Bot

The Slack Bot allows you to post updates to channels and users in Slack. We use this bot to keep our team aware of key actions happening with our prospective customers and customers when response is not required. When response is required we use the Hot List.