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How to Let Your Business Tell You What It Needs


Webinar Highlights

  • The first step in finding out what is happening in our business is to map our Yellow Brick Road. Identify the numbers for people that drop out of our funnel at each stage in the funnel.
  • Using a Tag Funnel Report from Graphly gives us a beautiful representation of what is happening stage to stage within our business's funnel.
  • Seeing the data and what its trying to tell you will allow you to clearly identify exactly where the business wants to grow and what action you need to take to allow that growth to happen.
  • The Days Between Tags Report from Graphly allows to you know how long the average contact takes to convert to the next stage in your funnel. This is extremely important because this tells you how long your marketing money is tied up in your funnel. If we can shorten the gaps between these stages, we can free up our cash for faster growth.