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Text Message to Facebook for Infusionsoft with FixYourFunnel

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What is FixYourFunnel Sync?

In 2011, Trent and I mapped out what we considered to be the ultimate marketing automation tool.

We had been using Facebook Ads to get the word out about FixYourFunnel's new texting and dialer service and had been enjoying some great success. Yet we saw an opportunity to use a Facebook Ad like we would an email or a text message in our campaign sequences.

We had been using video ads to educate and inform the market about what FixYourFunnel could do, but we could only use it for this general audience of people interested in Infusionsoft.

We asked ourselves, what would happen if we could use this new Facebook Ad feature called Custom Audiences to target people who had already expressed interest in our service, but had not bought?

We knew that email was suffering from massive competition in the inbox, coupled with more sophisticated filtering tools for email clients. It was making it more and more difficult to have our message consumed by prospects.

We also knew that folks were spending more and more time on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. So what if we could start using inexpensive Facebook and Instagram ads like a email? What if we could control the messaging for a prospect in the same way that we do in our email sequences?

Tragedy Struck!!!

Well, we were so excited to build this, then tragedy struck!

It turned out that at that time the Facebook Ads API was highly restricted and although we applied, we couldn't gain access. In shame, we hung our heads and shelved our wonderful plans...

We focused our efforts on making our texting and dialer service for Infusionsoft the best in the world.

Fast Forward to Today

Today we're proud to let you know that we've created our vision from 6 years ago and call it Fix Your Funnel Sync.

With Sync when you add any tag you set up to sync, that contact is added to a Custom Audience. When you remove that same tag from the contact, they are removed from the Custom Audience. It's really that simple. Within minutes of a tag being added to a contact they can start seeing Facebook Ads to deliver your message and augment your other marketing efforts.

A New Development...

Back in 2011 Facebook didn't have all the features they have today. Facebook has added a super powerful, yet wildly misused tool for your lead capture efforts called Lead Ads.

Lead Ads allow you to capture leads ON the Facebook platform. In their smart phone apps or on the web version!

Lead Ads are Facebook hosted squeeze pages that load blazing fast, pre-loaded with your prospect's real name, best email address and mobile phone number!

Tired of Fake Leads?

If you haven't read it already, I recommend you check out our controversial report, Death of the Automated Webinar, where we detail out a case study from a business we started that uses Facebook Lead Ads to profitably capture over 10,000 leads. The details of what we did and how it worked are all in the report.

But the long story made short is that with Lead Ads we were able to capture real emails and real mobile phone numbers (with permission to text 80% of the leads). Imagine how much more effective your marketing efforts would be if you started with a prospect's best contact information instead of their "junk email address"!

Leads Direct to Infusionsoft

With Facebook Lead Ads and Fix Your Funnel Sync, the lead is put directing into Infusionsoft AND added to the Infusionsoft Campaign of your choice. You don't need a web host. You don't have to use 3rd party squeeze page tools. You can create a form on Facebook in minutes and KNOW that it will ALWAYS be available and pre-filled with the prospect's best information!

So, if you haven't already, grab your 60 day free trial of Fix Your Funnel Sync now and take advantage of our free strategy sessions to help you start maximizing your marketing efforts using the latest that Facebook and Instagram marketing have to offer.

Special New for Shopify Store Owners...

If you also happen to use Shopify for your e-commerce, then you'll be excited to know we have a sister company called Produce Department that specializes in helping Shopify store owners get more customers and increase average customer value with Facebook marketing. There are some really awesome tools that Facebook has developed for Shopify that most folks don't know exists. We use them to help stores like Jay Leno's Garage and less known stores as well! If you are interested in learning more visit the Produce Department and schedule a free call to discuss your store!