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Text DEMO to (760) 621-8199

NOTE: If you send a text to the number above you should know that standard text messaging rates apply (you have unlimited texting on your cell plan, right?).

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Unlimited FREE Keywords

OK, maybe not unlimited, you can only create as many keywords as you can think of...I'm sure at some point you'd use up all the possible useful combinations of numbers and letters, but with over 750,000 words in the English language at your disposal, I think you'll never have to worry about running out of keywords with Fix Your Funnel! Other services tie your hands by charging you up the ying yang for keywords, not here. Keyword away! Discover what marketing message is REALLY producing results!

Multi-Step, Automated, SMS Conversations

You're no longer limited to just one text message. Now you can capture leads with ease using multi step conversations. Combine multiple conversations and keywords to automate lead capture, contact information updating and more with a few simple clicks. Your prospects will think they are having a SMS conversation with a real person! Or you can simply automate processes that were impossible in the past! (Watch the video to learn how to get a copy of our Free Report, 21 Mobile Marketing Methods)

Use REAL Phone Numbers, Not Confusing Short Codes

Short codes are confusing to most cell phone users. It's a fact. How do I know? I've tested with my own money (watch the video above to hear the complete story). That's why we decided to use real 10 digit phone numbers that your customers and prospects know how to use. (plus, each phone number you use has UNLIMITED keywords...that's powerful!)

Lead Source Tracking

When a new cell number comes in and Fix Your Funnel creates a new contact record in Infusionsoft we also apply the lead source, which you can set to ANYTHING you want. Use an automated conversation one week for a presentation with one lead source, and then switch it up for the next presentation so you can track which lead source is making you the most money.

Creates or Updates Contact Records on the Fly

When anyone sends a text message to your number and keyword Fix Your Funnel checks your Infusionsoft contacts for a match, if one is found then tags and saved data are applied to the contact it found. If the text comes from a number that doesn't exist yet, a new contact record is created. It's NEVER been this easy to grow your database!

Personalize SMS Messages with any Contact Data

Merge any field from a contact record into outbound and conversation text messages sent by Fix Your Funnel. That includes your custom fields! This means you can customize steps of conversations with data collected in earlier steps! (Watch the video above to see this in action!)

Tag Contacts

When anyone sends a text message to your phone number and keywords you can tag that contact for better data segregation. You can also track links that prospects or customers tap in their text message back into Infusionsoft with the tags of your choice using our trackable link functionality!

Add Contacts to Campaign Builder Sequences

When anyone sends a text message to your phone number and keywords you can apply a tag to kick off a sequence. This gives you the power to send emails, initiate tasks, fax, send a voice broadcast, run action sets and anything else you can think to do with a campaign builder sequence! Talk about power!

Collect ANY Data via SMS

Even the best SMS systems that integrate with InfusionSoft can only collect names and email addresses. But Fix Your Funnel breaks those barriers with the addition of conversations. Now you can collect ANY data you want and drop it into any field in a contact record. The possibilities are endless!

Incoming SMS Messages in Contact Notes

Every incoming text message is saved in the contact record notes giving perfect transparency. It's this kind of attention to detail that allows you to rest well at night knowing automation is working for you.

One Number...Two Super Powers

Every Fix Your Funnel local phone number you select has two super powers…Call Monitoring & SMS. No extra charge, it's just how we roll. So now we're not only giving you super marketing powers, we're saving you from having to sign up for multiple services that are not even connected to InfusionSoft. Send us a thank you card. (Oh, yeah, we can help you with that too.)
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