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The Right Way to use Text Messaging with Infusionsoft


Take Personal Responsibility

I might have recently heard of someone doing something VERY stupid and then not owning it.

FixYourFunnel text messaging isn't for sending out huge broadcasts to people you don't have a current relationship with.

Don't start a text message broadcast to thousands of people with campaign builder in the evening. If you do, don't then blame the text message medium as being the problem.

If you want to do this kind of crap, go get a short code and have fun until you get kicked off it.

All the people making serious improvements in their business with text messages are listening to the drum we're beating.

Text Messages are about Personal Conversations that Lead to Sales.

It's not about blasting the crap out of people until they buy.

Automated Conversations for lead capture and initiating a sales conversation.

Campaign Builder Messaging to start a conversation, inform or deliver on promises you made to the contact.

Broadcaster for timely updates to folks you have a current relationship with, who asked you to update them.

Live Messaging to engage in the conversations that EVERYTHING else is intended to start.

If you have serious concerns about this approach, let us know. We'll be happy to talk with you about it and learn what you're trying to accomplish. Our platform will allow you to be dumb if you really want to. But, you get to deal with the consequences too.

But if you'll take the time to understand what we're teaching, you'll get great results, have happier customers and prospects and your business will grow as much as you want it to.

Let's keep the dumbness in the movies.