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ZenDirect Mail for Infusionsoft

Today You'll Make Direct Mail Your Super Power

With your new ZenDirect Mail Integration for Infusionsoft you'll be able to:

  • Send Personalized Greeting Cards
  • Send Personalized Post Cards
  • Send Personalized Letters (ZenDirect Exclusive)
  • Send Personalized 4 Page Newsletters (ZenDirect Exclusive)
  • Send Gift Cards
  • Send Sweets & Treats (Personal Favorite)
  • Merge Any Contact Information into Your Direct Mail (ZenDirect Exclusive)

And do it all on demand. Being able to control direct mail with the ease of sending an email is a literal game changer! I'm pumped to hear about how you're increasing conversions and creating stronger customer relationships with all the power of automation connected to ZenDirect Mail!