2 Days to Fix Your Funnel is UNLIKE any event you've ever attended...GUARANTEED!

Josh Satterlee

Anthem Fitness

"We identified on the first day the one thing that was holding my business back the most. I had made assumptions that were incorrect. I spent the rest of day on Thursday fixing that problem in my business which became very easy once I had the clarity."

Josh Summers

Dental Game Plan

"I've been an Infusionsoft user since 2008 and I don't think you can use Infusionsoft effectively without FixYourFunnel and this event, 2 Days to Fix Your Funnel. It's been life changing. I highly recommend anybody that is looking for a big impact on their business to come see these guys at 2 Days to Fix Your Funnel and spend some time with them because they will help you identify the issues."

Martin Chagnon

Real Estate Agent

"I thought I was coming here to work on a bunch of systems, but what I found was clarity. I was able to identify what was the constraint in my business. If you find that you are stuck, when you come here, you have access to all the experts and clarity about what is most important for your business. This was a revelation for me."

Mark Hellmann Regouby

Festival Pros

"It's part group counseling, it's part motivation, it's part strategy and part execution. For me it's a really powerful experience and an opportunity to step back from what I've been doing, see where the gap is, where the constraints are and address it. If you're coming, be prepared for an intense time and a lot of introspection."

Tyler Smith

Text In Church

"It was not exactly what I expected. It was so much more. We learned how to think about our business...how to approach our business in a new way."

Shoan Snoday

Sobriety Society

"It's not so much they give you a bunch of information, but that little nugget that you really need. They helped me realize that the level of my business can double or triple if I keep my focus on the simple principles and concepts they taught me."

Jamie DeBose


"I don't see how you can afford not to come to 2 Days to Fix Your Funnel. The value I've received here is WAY more than I paid to attend."

Cole Summers

Dental Game Plan

"Normally my business partner goes to conferences. I'm not a big self help guy, I'm pretty skeptical, but that's not what this is. It's extremely actionable. The one on one interaction with Trent was game changing for me. We now have a game plan to go from a million dollar business to a five million dollar business in the near future. I'm looking forward to coming back again."

John Seville

Acorn Wealth

"Coming to 2 Days to Fix Your Funnel with an already very successful business I wasn't sure what to expect. Having used the FixYourFunnel tools and having seen the impact they had on my business, I was open to anything these guys had to show me. I was hoping to learn about new tools. I got that, but I also got some deep insight into how to understand what my business really needs and how to discover the root causes that I needed to address. If you're thinking about coming, do it! Come with an open mind about what your business can be. When you work with these guys here, you'll gain a renewed excitement about your business."

Your Experts

Ryan Chapman


Ryan's strength is in seeing the one thing that will create the greatest result in a business. But what makes Ryan especially useful for you is that he knows how to transmit that strength to you so that you can quickly and confidently identify exactly where you need to focus on your business to take your business to the next level. Besides that, people say Ryan is really easy to work with. A nice bonus.

Trent Chapman


Trent is extremely knowledgable on a number of topics, but is real forte is sales systems. He is able to quickly identify opportunities locked up in poorly performing sales systems and adjust them to allow profits to be released quickly. He also oversees FixYourFunnel's customer support operations and has developed ways of making support turn into a sales engine.

Jarrod Morris


Jarrod is a wiz with numbers. He is especially proficient at extracting data from Infusionsoft to allow a business to express itself. I know that might not make total sense right now, but after you go through the pre-event education series, you'll understand why we have to have Jarrod in the room at 2 Days to Fix Your Funnel. Everyone ends up taking a session with Jarrod before they leave. His abilities to show you what your business has been trying to tell you is critical for your long term success. Jarrod has personally been involved in setting up thousands of businesses with Infusionsoft over his decade long career in marketing automation.

Ross Walker

Ross Walker Internet Marketing

Ross doesn't like to say much about it, but some of the biggest names in internet marketing rely on his brain to develop out and execute their marketing automation. Guys like Frank Kern expect Ross to be at their right hand when developing new marketing initiatives. Ross will be an important part of your experience at 2 Days to Fix Your Funnel as you layout exactly how you'll address what your business needs now.

Todd Chapman


Todd is FixYourFunnel's internal Infusionsoft expert. Whenever Ryan or Trent need a strategy executed they call on Todd to do it. He's also FixYourFunnel's highest level technical support guy. So if you want to know how to use any tool FixYourFunnel provides, this is the man. He's personally taken care of FixYourFunnel's only private client, a client who does millions a month in online sales. Todd especially shines with setting up call campaigns and one click up sells.