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3 Keys to Using Infusionsoft Texting Effectively in Your Business


Most of what you hear about texting neglects to share the real secrets of what texting is effective at accomplishing.

It's usually 97% open rate this. Text reminder that.

That's nice and cute but what really matters in business is making a profit you can keep.

The biggest threat to business is cashflow, especially in the early years.

So when I say I'm going to share with you the three keys to using texting effectively in your business, I hope you asked yourself, "Effective at what?"

I'm glad you asked. Effective at growing profits in the business.

Everything else is auxiliary to the idea of growing profit.

So I don't lose your interest before you are tempted to move on, here are the three keys in all their glory:

  1. Open the Door to Texting
  2. Start Conversations
  3. Have Conversations

Too simplistic for you? I hope not because in these three simple steps you'll find all the money that texting can bring to your business.

I'm not sure if it's a matter of age or just being worn down by the process of being an entrepreneur, but I came to a conclusion a few years back that I didn't want to start from scratch ever again. To that end I thought about what does it take to create a business that lasts. I came up with the following:

  1. A solid product/service that meets a market demand
  2. A good reputation for delivering on the promise made to the market
  3. Great relationships with customers
  4. Consistency in promotion to the market

Not to be overly simplistic, but that's it.

Now, everyone messes up at some point. That mess up can threaten your reputation. But your reputation is largely a function of the quality of the relationships you create with your customers and prospects. If you have great relationships with your customers, they will allow you the room to make mistakes, correct them and maintain a great reputation.

But most businesses struggle to create great relationships. This is where texting comes in.

From a business' perspective 97% open rates might sound like a good thing. But in order to build relationships you have to look at both sides; the business' side and the contact's side.

To be effective at communication you need dialog. The only one who likes a monolog is the hero that's tied up. Everyone else would prefer a dialog.

Open the Door to Texting

I've yet to meet a business owner that wasn't interested in texting their customers and prospects, but before you can begin texting anyone, you've got to get the door opened in the contact's mind that texting with your business is possible and something they want!

Yes there are regulations and laws in most countries that govern texting to consumers, but the reality is they stake out the border beyond being a pest. So if you want to keep a good reputation you shouldn't even get close to them.

One of the best ways to open the door in a contact's mind that texting is possible is to get them to text you first!

My preferred way of doing this is crafting a compelling offer for my ideal customer and then asking the prospect to text a keyword to my phone number. For example, to see this specific method in play, text DEMO to (706) 621-8199. When you do you'll experience a live demo of what I'm talking about.

When someone texts your phone number with a keyword we have turned the knob of the door to texting. But to open the door we want the contact to have a quick interaction with our number. 2 to 3 steps of automated interaction to allow you to find out their name and email address is a great way to show that texting is possible and that they will get a response. (Did you notice how quickly you received a response when you texted DEMO to (760) 621-8199?)

But if you stop here, after opening the door in their mind to the possibility of texting, you have missed the boat!

Start Conversations

The first step to being super effective with texting is asking open ended questions at the end of a keyword driven automated conversation.

This is what is particularly special about Fix Your Funnel texting for Infusionsoft by Keap. When you respond to the question at the end of the automated conversation a member of your team is notified and they can then respond to the contact. The automated texting has transitioned to a live texting conversation...

Did you notice the question I asked at the end of the DEMO conversation?

Asking an open ended question like that one unlocks the path to conversation. And what is so significant about having conversations?

Have Conversations

All sales happen in conversation. Starting conversations gives us a chance to interact with a prospect in a meaningful way. A really good conversation starting question will give the prospect the mental room they need to ask the question or express the concern that is preventing them from buying. This is why I say all the money is in LIVE TEXTING!

When businesses incorporate this 3 step flow into their marketing and sales process, it is not uncommon for them to see an immediate bump of 50-200% in sales.

Why Are Conversations Significant?

Chances are that you have some number of customers that buy without major interaction with you or your team. They represent your baseline revenue. If you're getting by without engaging with prospects then you are probably sitting on a goldmine.

Most people that don't buy don't go somewhere else. They do nothing. The reason that they do nothing is normally because they have a question or concern that needs to be addressed before they will buy. If you ask open ended conversation starting questions, you create a unique situation where they can ask their question or express their concern without fear.

What makes this situation unique is the space to ask is created in text message. Unlike the phone, it's considered a safe place to carry on a conversation. Safe because if they at any point feel pressured, they can simply stop responding. Now you and I know you're not going to pressure anyone into doing business with you because the short term gain is usually followed by a long term loss. Loss of time with an unhappy buyer.

But when they can resolve their concerns safely, they not only buy, but they do so with much greater confidence. It's something strange about feeling understood that allows us all to move forward with greater confidence.

That's It!

I know you were probably expecting more, but these 3 simple steps are extremely effective at producing more profit for you business now and great relationships with customers for the long haul. The simplicity of this plan can be very disconcerting to marketing automation junkies. Maybe it's because of the lack of complex automation flows and fancy looking campaigns. But the reality is that this approach to texting is extremely effective at generating additional profit that can spur critical growth for your business now.