3 Steps to Double Your Webinar Results

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3 Steps to Double Your Webinar Results


I just got done with a phone call with a couple good friends who are doing webinars, they were have some issues and they wanted to talk.

I was reminded of the 3 keys or the 3 things that you can do to immediately increase profits on any webinar that you're doing.

These 3 things are great because they're simple to implement, they're very easy to do. It's going to require effort once on your part and then after that, it just becomes easier and easier.

You don't have to change your presentation or your webinar.

If your webinar has been working good, but you maybe need more people showing up and maybe you'd like to close even more people into customers than you currently are off the webinar-

We had one customer who doubled their profits off of the webinar just by doing the third item. A few people have done the first item. Most people are doing item 2. You may already be doing number 2.

But, [00:01:00] the thing is, once you understand these 3 things and how they work together, it just will change everything for your webinar.

The first one is, I consider it to be the most important, and that is because anytime somebody registers for a webinar, at the moment of registration is the peak of their interest in attending. That's it.

The peak of their interest in attending is the moment that they register.

Every second after they register, that interest starts to go down. The longer it is between the point of registration and the event, the time of the webinar, the further down that motivation goes if nothing is done.

This first thing that you want to do is right after they register, you want to send a post-registration confirmation text message.

In this text message, the first thing we're going to do is we're going to give them the link to attend.

What you will do is once they register, you run them through your process that creates a unique link for them to attend [00:02:00] and then you're going to pop that into their contact and then you're going to merge that into the text message.

In the text message, we're also going to attach a vCard or a contact card and that contact card is going to have our phone numbers, our email addresses, it's going to have our name, our logo, and that's going to be attached to this post-registration confirmation text message.

Then what's going to happen is, we're going to say, "Hey, congratulations for registering for the webinar. Here's your link to attend, here's the date and time. Make sure you put that into your calendar."

Then we're going to go to a new line and then the new line, we're going to- this is the most important part.

All that stuff, the vCard, the contact card so they can install it on their phone and be able to recognize you when you text or call or email in the future, that's really important.

Getting the confirmation and saying, "Yes, you were registered successfully, I sent you an email also with this information. Here's your link to attend, here's the date and time, put that into your phone."

All super critical, but the next 2 things you should do; one is mandatory, the second one is optional.

The mandatory [00:03:00] one is you want to ask an open-ended question, something around or along the lines of, "Why did you register for this webinar?" Some variation on that question.

You can make it more specific, but ask that question.

What that does, even if they don't answer it- this is the beautiful part about asking questions. Even if they don't answer, even if they don't reply to your text message and tell you why, asking the question causes the mind to evaluate the question.

And evaluating the question, that builds deeper into their hearts the reasons why they registered in the first place.

What we're trying to do is we're trying to set that reason, set an anchor of why it is that they said they wanted to attend our webinar or training in the first place.

The truth is, life is going to be competing with your webinar. Their life has a lot of different demands, they have a lot of different things that they consider to be [00:04:00] important.

If you want your webinar to be part of that, which it should be because they registered for it in the first place, you need to drive that home, drive it into their heart so it becomes important to them.

The reason people attend webinars, the reason they remember to show up is because it's important to them.

There's something they're going to get out of it.

They don't do it for you. They don't show up because they want to hear what you have to say, they show up because they want to get something for them.

Drive that home by asking that question, "Why did you register?"

Even if they don't answer, they're answering in their heart and by doing that, it's setting it deeper in them so the importance will come up.

Now there's a couple other things that you can do.

One is you could include an image with that text message. This is for multimedia, this is for the US and Canada.

You can include an image along with the Vcard and on that image, there might be bullet points of the things that they're going to get out of attending the webinar.

This isn't the things you're necessarily going to teach, although you'll be teaching these things, but it's going to be focused [00:05:00] on what they will get.

What will they get out of the webinar?

It's benefits that will come to them as a result of the things they're going to learn during your webinar.

That that's level 2, let's say. Level one is asking that question, level 2 is also including something that hits home on what they're going to get out of it.

Maybe it helps them to answer that question of, "Why did you register for the webinar?"

But then the third thing that you can do, this is level 3, I said there were 2 but I introduced 3.

Level 3 is this: link up to a video where you teach them lesson number one.

If you're going to be teaching them something during the webinar to change their life, give them a taste. Give them a little taste of what you're going to deliver it to them.

Now, if you know that there's something that might prevent them from showing up, address that in some way in the video as well.

If you'll do those 3 things, that's a whole new level.

The interesting part about this is it only requires you to think hard for probably about 10-20 minutes.

10-20 minutes of thinking, "Okay, how could I ask that [00:06:00] question of, why did they register?"

And then thinking about, "What are the benefits they're going to get out of it? I probably already have that on my copy on the registration page, so I can pull that in."

And then I might think, "Okay. What would I say to somebody that just registered that would help them to recognize the value they're going to get out of attending? What can I give them that would be something they could demonstrate?"

Dan Kennedy had something interesting. Dan Kennedy is a direct response marketer, I think he's worth looking into if you don't know who he is.

But Dan Kennedy used to teach some self improvement classes a long time ago. He said one of the things she taught people in the class was, "Always back into parking places. That way when you're pulling out, you're always moving forward."

It was a little thing, but what he was doing is he was installing a connection into everyday life to him.

Every time that person parked, even if they didn't back in, they were thinking about, "I remember Dan Kennedy told me I should back in."

And as they did back in and they pulled out, when they're pulling out [00:07:00] they're thinking, "Hey, I'm doing with Dan Kennedy taught me in that lesson."

What happens there is that creates a anchor or connection between you and what you teach and their everyday life.

When we had a company called Short Sale Genius which taught real estate agents how to close short sales and negotiate with banks, one of the things that we did when they registered for our 3-hour training- which was at a hotel, not online.

They actually had to get in their car, drive somewhere inconvenient, and get out and sit in a room for 3 hours.

In order for us to get them to show up, one of the things that we did is we gave them a ticket when they registered that was on the thank you page.

We said, "Print this out and put it on your desk so you'll see it so you won't forget and bring that with you because you'll need that to get in."

That was a way to get out of the email and the web page world and get into the physical world. To get into their life and be in a place where it would be reminding them, almost taunting them, saying, "Hey, remember me, remember me!"

You want to do the same thing if you're doing a webinar.

You want to think about, how can I get into their life and do that at the moment of pique [00:08:00] interest, which is post-registration, so that you set into their person why they want to show up and attend.

Everybody's complaining about not getting people to attend, but they're not doing that one thing that will actually make sure that people attend, which is: make it important to them.

Reinforce the importance.

This post registration text message is key because it will show up a few minutes after. It's going to be seen, because we all know text messages will be seen, but because it's going to be delivering those things that we talked about, it's really going to bring it home.

That's number one.

I haven't even covered the other 2, but that's number one. You just do that, I guarantee you'll have a much higher attendance rate and much more engagement because you're gonna ask that open-ended question. Those that do actually respond are going to give you a lot of insight into what you need to cover during the webinar.

Right off the bat, you're going to be probably a 100-200% better.

Number 2 is what a lot of people do.

It's good and it's important and it's effective, but it's not nearly as important as number one and number 3.

Number 2 is pre-webinar reminder.

[00:09:00] Now, a lot of things have been changing in texting and so as you're doing pre-webinar reminders, the 30 minutes before, "Remember to show up text message," those are increasingly going to be more difficult to get delivered.

It's going to be sent in a bulk and a bunch all at once. There's some things we're working on to help address that.

That's something that you're going to need to pay attention to as you're getting that pre-webinar reminder.

It's not so important if you have like a hundred people or less registering for your webinars, that will be fine. You probably have any issues whatsoever.

But if you get to the 2, 3, four hundred thousand people registering, that's when it's going to be a bigger concern.

That's number 2: sending that pre-webinar reminder so that even if they set the appointment or all that and life came up and they forgot about everything else, they're gonna get the text message and go, "Oh, I need to attend."

And if we did number one right and we set the anchor deep in their heart, then the likelihood of number 2 being even more effective goes way up.

If you're ready doing 2, fantastic. Good on you, because you should be doing that.

That also is causing you to have to ask for [00:10:00] the phone number at the registration, which is also smart because of Marketing Rule #one9.

You want to make sure you're doing that.

But again, it's minor compared to number one, which is setting the anchor. Number 2 is reminding, and number 3 is extremely important.

I've seen people double their sales just off of number 3.

Number 3 is the post-webinar question, which means: people who didn't buy, these are should-have-boughts, people who acted like buyers, they showed up, they attended, but they didn't buy, what do we do next?

The next thing we do is we want to ask them, after an acceptable period of time, maybe 2 hours, maybe 3 hours. Whenever you see the bulk of your purchases come in, you want to ask this question.

The question is, "Hey, I noticed you got on the webinar. Did you have any questions that I didn't answer on the webinar?"

That's a simple- you can use that language if you want. If you want to do something else, that's fine, but just asking an open-ended question that says, "Hey, I noticed that you were on the webinar. Did you have any questions I didn't answer?"

This gives people an opportunity to express [00:11:00] concerns or raise questions that they didn't feel comfortable doing on their own.

That will help double your sales, that alone.

It's fascinating because it's so simple and so obvious when you think about it.

But if you will ask that question of, "Is there any questions you have? I is there anything that I didn't answer that I could answer for you?" will allow people who are on the fence to actually say, "Yes, I need your help. Here's my question."

That will result in doubling of your sales.

This is fantastic stuff because it's so simple.

Again, we only had to spend about 10-20 minutes to get number one done.

Number 2 doesn't require almost any time at all, we simply add in a text message into our campaigns that sends a message 30 minutes or so before the webinar reminding them to join the webinar.

We can take advantage of the fact that we already sent the link in the post-webinar registration text. We don't have to send the link again. It's already in the the history of messages.

We just will say, "Hey, remember the webinar starting in 30 minutes." They're going to see when they see that message, [00:12:00] above it is our longer message that set the anchor.

And then, finally, the third one will be after the webinar. We ask the question, "Did you have any questions? I saw you attended, glad you were there, did you have any questions?"

Simply by doing that, I can almost guarantee you're going to double your sales, at the very least.

You're going to increase initial attendance by setting the anchor, you're going to help people show up by sending the reminder, and you're going to help people that didn't convert on their own, the people that didn't just go and buy when you told them to buy or do whatever it is you ask them to do on their own, will be able to express concerns that held them back and that means you're going to have more people become customers.

I hope that this helped you.

If you're doing webinars, these 3 secrets are critical.

I cover some of these in my book, "The Messaging Connection." If you'd like to get a free digital copy and audio copy of that, you can text the word LEARN to 949-835-5300.

If you'll do that, you're going to see an [00:13:00] increase in your sales. You're going to see an increase in your connection with your prospects and overall, everything in your business is going to get better.

It's so simple to put in place. It's so easy.

You only have to think a little bit up front and then once you put that in place in the campaigns, you just respond to people's things that they say to you.

Like when you ask that question of, "Why did you register for today's webinar?" and they answer, reaffirm that.

Say, "Oh, fantastic! That's great. I'm so excited! We're going to be covering that, so I'm glad that's what you wanted."

Post webinar, when you say, "Hey, did you have any questions that we didn't answer during the webinar?" and that person expresses that question, enter into the dialogue with them.

It's just doing naturally. You just have to be present.

The great thing about texting is, one person can deal with 30-40 conversations at once. Whereas with the phone, we can only talk with one person, you get on there and you start doing those text messages, you can handle a bunch of conversations all at once.

And people don't necessarily expect an immediate response, you can delay by a couple minutes if you had to, [00:14:00] and that works.

It's just what texting does and so it's so powerful.

Get these 3 things installed in your webinars and watch your results go through the roof.

People that are registering for your webinar want what you have to offer, you're just probably doing something to drop the ball along the way and if you put these 3 pieces in place, you can get it done.

If you need any help at all, just comment below or click on the green button in the bottom right corner and I'll connect you with somebody that can help you get these things installed on your webinar.

Once you do that, keep giving the same webinar and watch your results go through the roof because you're actually connecting with people.

And that's what "The Messaging Connection" is all about.

Again, before I go, make sure you text LEARN, if you haven't already, to 949-835-5300 and get my book.

I'll give you a digital PDF copy because you're gonna want to reference some of the recipes that are in there, and also an audio copy so you can listen at your leisure, maybe as you're driving around or working.

Just watch the difference that happens when you actually connect with the people that you're concerned with, the people that you want to serve. You'll do so much better.

[00:15:00] This is Ryan Chapman, hope you have a great day. Look forward to talking to you again.