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5 Keys to Avoiding Frustration Calling Warm Leads


I just finished a call with a FixYourFunnel user who was a little frustrated. No, he wasn't as mad as the dude in the picture, that was mostly to get your attention.

But he was rightly frustrated with how the FixYourFunnel Integrated Dialer was working for them. As we got into the conversation deeper it became apparent to me that the set up was incorrect.

Also, texting opportunities were not being taken.

If you are calling warm leads as part of your business, I'd like to offer the following principles as items of interest for you:

1. Set up lists to be EXTREMELY dynamic.

Only the person you should be calling now should show up in the list. The order and who shows up is the result of your saved search criteria and order. If you're not sure how you should set those up, and how the campaign builder should be set up to make sure that only the people you should be calling now are in your lists, contact us. We'll help you determine what needs to be done based on your process.

2. Capture mobile numbers and explicit or implied permission to text them back.

If you're using a webform, ask for permission and tell them what you'll be texting them. If you're capturing leads via text message, then use the vCard technique below to embed your company on their phone ASAP.

3. Use the Check Number Bot on any number that is captured via webform.

Understanding what the Check Number Bot requires will help you set up your web forms properly. (NOTE: As of last check, the new web form builder isn't compatible with getting phone numbers and info you need to check a number, so go with the old standard webforms.)

4. Send a vCard ASAP.

All of us rightly guard our time vigilantly, and that means screening our calls and even text messages. So get embedded in your contact's phone asap by sending a vCard with a clear directive to save your info to their phone and the reason THEY would want to. This sets up ALL future communication to be judged on your reputation instead of an ambiguous string of numbers.

5. Pre Call SMS.

Send a text message before you call to those you have opened the door to text with. In this message identify who you are and why you're calling. If you can't do that, then maybe FYF isn't for you. Believe it or not, the number one reason most leads don't answer isn't because they are trying to dodge your call. It's because they are busy, or don't recognize the number. We dramatically increase conversation to call ratios with this one technique.

Don't be frustrated.

Be profitable and use these pointers.

Contact us if you want some help, we do this everyday.

If you're a FixYourFunnel Partner, or refer FYF regularly, you'll want to get trained by us so that you can implement these strategies successfully and make people want to name their unborn children after you.