ryan chapman

Direct Response Marketers

Before we offered Infusionsoft integrated solutions, we are direct response marketers. I say are, because we utilize the services that you can begin using today at Fix Your Funnel first in our own marketing business, and when they are refined and honed for public availability, they make their way to Fix Your Funnel.

That means, when you work with us, you don't just gain access to excellent tools, you gain access to a depth of real world knowledge that has allowed us to create some extremely profitable businesses.

Ryan Chapman


Ryan originally started Fix Your Funnel with the One Click Up Sell solution he developed for the training company he and Trent started in 2007.

At that time it was more of a hobby than a business. He figured since he was developing cool stuff for their business and he heard so many people asking for the same kinds of things, why not set up a new Infusionsoft app and start offering what they were using for the training company.

Next came the SendOutCards integration, then SMS and phone.

Ryan is married to Wonder Woman and has 6 wonderful kids! When he's not musing over marketing and ways to execute on marketing strategy, he loves playing basketball, long boarding and hanging out with his family.

Trent Chapman


Trent and Ryan originally teamed up in 2007 to create a training company that rocketed from 0 to $1.3 Million in revenue in their first year.

Trent managed the training company as Ryan began Fix Your Funnel, giving it the chance to develop and grow.

Today, Trent manages the Sales and Customer Support teams allowing Ryan to focus on Product Development and Marketing.

Trent is a happily married man living in Utah with his 5 amazing kids and lovely wife.

When he's not managing, he's bombing mountain sides on his bike, hiking or wrestling sharks in the Pacific Ocean. Trent is fluent in Spanish and pretty good with English.

Todd Chapman

Implementation Specialist

Todd's been working his magic on Infusionsoft since 2011. His in depth knowledge of not only Infusionsoft but direct response marketing and Fix Your Funnel makes him a powerful ally for our users during strategy calls! One of Todd's private clients is a solid 8 figure online info business. You don't see many of those, still able to use Infusionsoft, but Todd runs their several apps. Let's just say he's seen a few things.

Jaden Butler

Implementation Specialist / Customer Support Manager

If you have had the pleasure of working with Jaden then you understand why he's our Customer Support manager. He's so good we asked if we could clone him. He said no, but offered the next best thing... his brothers. If you want a testament to Jaden's skills, check out the Fix Your Funnel reviews in the Infusionsoft Marketplace and notice how many times Jaden's name comes up.

Levi Butler

Customer Support

Levi is one of Jaden's clones, er I mean, brothers, who helps Fix Your Funnel customers get to results fast. Levi is a master at Fix Your Funnel and knows how to trouble shoot any issue fast. When he can't resolve an issue quickly, he knows how to bend our development team's ear and get resolution fast.

Tyson Butler

Customer Support

Tyson loves helping Fix Your Funnel customers! In fact, he's so fanatical about it he calls new customers as quickly as he can to get them set up with a discovery session where Levi or Jaden will walk a new customer through setting up whatever it is they are trying to accomplish with Fix Your Funnel. He doesn't wait for customers to figure out how something is done, he asks what they want done and gets the right person from our team on the job to make it easy!