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Almost everyone that starts using texting wants to send broadcasts.

But did you know that telecoms hate broadcasts and are doing super shady things to prevent folks from sending them with their business phone number?

They tell you that you can send one text per second per sending phone line, but the truth is that if you sent out 60 text messages in a minute, they would start blocking the rest of your messages and what's worse is they won't even tell you that they stopped delivering your messages!

That's why this video is CRITICAL for you to watch if you want to get your messages delivered via broadcast!!

In this video I'll teach you:

  • The difference between what telecoms say and do.
  • How you can still get your text broadcast delivered.
  • Why you want to be sure you're not just paying for messages to never make it to your prospects.
  • The truth that other texting companies will NEVER tell you.

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