Build Strong Offers

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Build Strong Offers


Something that's kind of interesting that I've observed is that people will spend much more time on mechanics than they do on the actual offer that they make in their marketing.

This is a big mistake.

This is why people don't see the kind of results that they should when they actually do marketing mechanisms that make sense.

What do I mean by marketing make mechanisms that make sense?

It's kind of a play on words because the "cents" is money, but also, they're smarts. Marketing mechanisms that make sense are those that will actually allow you to be able to sell.

That goes back to Marketing Rule #19, which, if you haven't heard before, is: you got to know how you're going to sell before you decide how you're going to lead capture because how you leave capture determines how you can sell.

Today, I went on someone's- I always like to click on Facebook ads just because I love to see how they do things. This particular Facebook ad [00:01:00] clicked to a page that had just the first name and the email address.

I already knew: this person doesn't know about marketing mechanisms that make sense because they are doing something stupid. They're only asking for name and email.

This is really fascinating because this company was actually, they're a software marketing company, so it's kind of funny to see them not understand the fundamentals.

Why do they only ask for name and email? The reason they ask for name and email Is because they know they can get a higher conversion if they ask for less information.

Now, this is a big myth that's been propagated and I'm kind of laughing because it's kind of silly, but at the same time it's very serious.

It's serious because when people do this, when they make this mistake and they don't use marketing mechanisms that make sense, what they end up doing is they end up cutting themselves off at the kneecaps.

How does that happen?

Well, if I've got a name and an email address and that's all I've captured, what [00:02:00] happens is, now the only way I can sell is with email.

We all know, we don't have to have a debate about it. We all know that email, while it can be powerful, is very ineffective.

What that means is that you've got to send a whole lot of emails to get the kind of results that you would have expected maybe five years ago, or even a couple of years ago.

Email has gotten so competitive and the tools around reading email have gotten so smart that they're just cutting you off and it makes it very difficult for email to be a way to sell.

And, you've only got one mechanism now to sell, essentially. I mean you could do remarketing through Facebook or something like that, but even that is dependent on that email matching up with their email in their Facebook account, and that's like a 40% chance.

You really cut yourself off when that's all you've done.

But, people will do this because they spend less time on cultivating a compelling offer and more time on the mechanics of capturing a lead and then sticking them into a marketing [00:03:00] automation funnel of some sort and trying to have that machine then do all the selling for them.

This is a great way to create a business that does okay.

If that's what you're into, then that's fine, but if you really want to have a business that's successful, spend time working on and refining your offer so it's compelling.

The number one secret to creating a compelling offer is empathy.

You've got to get into the shoes of the person who is a prospective customer of your company.

When you get into their shoes and you really understand the problem from their perspective, you've taking the biggest step to getting a compelling offer.

You understand what it is that they want.

And too frequently, what I see is, people come up with offers that are compelling from their perspective as a business, but not from the perspective of the prospect.

Because of that, they have to ask for very little information because they don't have very much trust because they haven't taken the time to really understand, what is it that the prospect really wants?

What is keeping the prospect from taking action? What is it that is [00:04:00] preventing them from having success?

Because they haven't taken the time, and this isn't really difficult, especially if you've been in business for a little bit. If you've been in business for a little bit, no doubt you've heard these points from the prospects you've talked to.

As you talk to some of them, maybe they expressed, "Well, here's what I'm looking for. Here's what I'm looking for and here's the frustration I'm running into trying to find the solution that I want."

When you understand those things and you think about them, your ability to craft an offer that is compelling from the perspective of the prospect goes way up.

It's not that it's a very difficult thing, but it's something that requires some effort.

A lot of people don't do this.

Instead they just ask for name and email.

I'm going to flip this on its head and go to someone I've seen this been creating a fairly compelling offer.

In this compelling offer, they are pushing people to a webpage that asks for the full name, the email address, so first name, last name, email address, and the mobile phone number and all four of those fields are required.

Now, that's not the very best, but it's much better [00:05:00] than just asking for first name and email.

By their ability to do this, and they've been talking about how successful this funnel has been on their podcast and I think they did somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000 one month with this funnel.

All it is is a very simple page. It's got that form on it underneath the video that explains what their offer is, and then it asks for all four of those things and if you don't give them all for things, then you can't take the next step in this funnel.

The reason that they're able to do that and ask for those things is because, number one, I know this person.

I've talked to them personally and gave him some training on the importance of capturing the mobile phone number, so they understand Marketing Rule #19 that in order for you to sell, you've got to know how you're going to sell before you to decide how you're going to lead capture.

Because of that, they're able to ask for the information that they should.

This person is very high-profile, so I'm sure that you've seen this funnel or heard of it.

But in this funnel, he's asking for the information and he's able to get it because he [00:06:00] worried more about crafting the offer than he did on the mechanics.

Now, you got to get the mechanics right. Obviously you've got to have it laid out.

If you just ask for first name and email, you've shot yourself in the foot and your chances of success are way lower.

But if you ask for the full name and the email AND the phone number, it's not as effective as maybe having somebody text in, but it's still better than nothing.

That person is saying,"Okay. I know I need to use the phone number to sell people who act like buyers, but don't buy."

So if you listened to my last podcast episode, you know that I talked about "should-have-boughts".

"Should-have-boughts" are people that look like buyers, but they don't actually buy. The reason that they're not buying isn't because they're buying from somebody else.

You'd be curious to find out that most people who don't buy that enter into your funnel in some way haven't bought from anybody!

There's something that's keeping them from buying. There's a question or concern, and because they don't have an easy way to communicate that where they feel like it's going to be safe for them to communicate that, they end up doing nothing.

That's a vast majority [00:07:00] of the people.

Now, some people will go and they'll search and they'll find another solution, but a vast majority of the prospects that you have that are acting like buyers, but not buying haven't bought from anybody.

If you can just open the door for them to ask that question, then you'll see that you'll get a lot of profit coming in that is profit you've already paid for, but haven't received.

That's the big key.

Spend a little time thinking about, what is it that our prospect wants?

It's interesting- when I do calls with people and I do strategies with people, that's the question I'll ask.

What is it that they want?

Everybody is able to answer that question. I've had very few people that haven't been able to answer that question.

Most can answer like that, and then immediately the light bulb shows up above their head and they go, "Oh, that's what I'm doing wrong. I'm asking from MY perspective. I'm doing lead generation from MY perspective. I'm not doing it from THEIR perspective."

As soon as I give them that little hint, the little hint I gave you in this episode, they're able to immediately turn things around [00:08:00] and start seeing increased results.

That's my recommendation to you.

Spend more time on the offer than the mechanics.

When you do, then you can do great mechanics. You can use marketing mechanisms that make sense and you will be able to generate the money that you need.

If any of this was interesting to you, this is all kind of the tip of the iceberg of what I cover in my book, The Messaging Connection.

I want to give you a free audio version of it and a PDF, that way you can get it immediately and get going to town on learning from it, by just texting LEARN to 949-835-5300.

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I recommend looking at the PDF as well as listening to it. Listening is more convenient, but read the PDF and you'll be able to learn exactly how it is that you can be able to implement these strategies we're talking about.

Being able to know how to sell and know what [00:09:00] lead capture you need to do so that you can sell well and you'll realize that it's not like you have to do a whole bunch of extra work and that the little work that you do will have a huge return.

There's a ton of people in your business or around your business that want to buy from you, but just have one thing holding them back.

If you can give that one thing to them, that opportunity to be able to speak with you in a safe way, which is what texting does, then you're going to have great success.

So, text LEARN to 949-835-5300 and you can get a free audio version of my book.

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But I'm gonna give you the PDF and the audio version so that you can be able to start benefiting from it today.