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Business Growth Formula


Yesterday, when I was at Infusionsoft at the end of training their salespeople on texting and messaging and the importance of it, one of the things that came up was they asked, "How would you tell people that are users of Keap-"

And really, FixYourFunnel, which is one of our companies, is focused on Infusionsoft, but Keap users can also use it.

And they said, "Well, a lot of them are service-based businesses, so how would they use it? Because we can see how an Infusionsoft user would use it."

The interesting part is that, it's the same for just about everybody.

The fact is, you don't buy software because you want to learn a new language and learn all the software and do that, but because you want some benefit out of it.

The simple formula I gave them is one that almost any business can use which is, you need to get new people into your business, but all sales happen in conversations.

What you're really trying to do is start new conversations, and the way that you start new conversations is you have to have some simple mechanism [00:01:00] that can initiate a conversation.

The way that we go about that is we use what's called a keyword and a phone number to start an automated conversation.

For example, if you've watched any of these Facebook lives I've been doing, I've mention the word LEARN.

You want to text LEARN to 949-835-5300 and if you do that, then you get a digital copy of my new book, "The Messaging Connection", and also you get an audio version of it.

That's a simple mechanism.

It doesn't require me to know HTML or even have a website in order to give you that call to action and to invite you to do something and enter into my business, so to speak.

In that conversation, what I can do is I can not only learn a little bit about you and how we can stay connected, but also I can start a conversation and we can start having a conversation that can lead to you maybe becoming a customer.

Every business can do this.

It doesn't matter how big or small you are.

You need to have some way to get people into the beginning of having a relationship with your [00:02:00] company and then a way to be able to communicate back and forth at their convenience.

That's what this little mechanism does. It allows you to be able to memorize one word and one phone number. If you want to memorize two words and one phone number, that's okay, too.

But with that, I'm able to give people the opportunity to engage with my company and then an opportunity for them to engage in a live conversation.

That's really the essence of what every business needs.

They need a way to let someone engage with them so they can know how to stay in contact and then be able to start that conversation, have that conversation where someone can become a customer of that company.

That's a simple mechanism.

Everybody needs it, and it allows people who don't have technical skills and maybe aren't real savvy with software but are really good at their business to have a way to do that.

That led to another question, which was, "How many funnels does a person need?"

The answer to that is, you really only need one funnel.

Way back in 2007, my brother and I [00:03:00] started a company together and it went from zero to 1.3 million in the first 12 months.

It didn't do that with a bunch of different stuff. It was just one campaign that would get people to attend an event, and at that event we would teach for three hours and then ask them to buy.

That was it. That was the whole business.

Because it was so simple, it was able to really function well and we could know what to tweak if things weren't happening the way they should.

So, in most businesses, you really just need one process that can allow you to stay in touch with people and start conversations and, if people aren't ready for that conversation, then maybe a way to keep them in the conversation until they are.

That's it.

You don't have to create a bunch of crazy stuff in order to have a very successful business. You just have to have that one thing that allows you to be able to connect with people and then start a conversation and get people into that conversation if they're not ready yet.

I hope that helps you.

Don't feel like you have to be stressed out and overcomplicate things.

It's just one simple [00:04:00] mechanism for getting people to get in touch with your company and then to stay in the conversation and be able to have that conversation at their leisure and in a way that is most comfortable for them.

That's it.

I guess it just summed up The Messaging Connection in a couple of minutes.

Still, if you want to get that, you can text LEARN to 949-835-5300.

Go ahead and start that and get that audio book and the digital copy, if you'd like that.

If you prefer a physical copy, let us know and we'll see about getting that to you.