Call Monitoring for InfusionSoft

Maximize EVERY Marketing Dollar

Novice marketers focus on getting the lead, but experienced marketers know that the job is only done when dollars exchange hands.

You can cut the cost of generating a sale by 50% or more when you monitor and track how well incoming calls are being handled.

Know EXACTLY How Every Call is Being Handled.

  • Improve the performance of your sales team, receptionist, or anyone who answers the phone.
  • Easily identify incompatible staff who need to be replaced.
  • Improve your lead conversion.
  • Reduce the cost of each new customer.
  • Experience real growth on your current marketing budget.

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Call Monitoring is Included with our SMS service!

Some Incredible Features

Creates or Updates Contact Records on the Fly

When anyone calls your number Fix Your Funnel checks your InfusionSoft contacts for a match, if one is found then tags and follow up sequences are applied to the contact it found. If the caller is calling from a number that doesn't exist yet, a new contact record is created. Ever wondered why that prospect never called back? Maybe they did. It's NEVER been this easy to track who is calling you with InfusionSoft!

Tag Contacts

When anyone calls your phone number you can tag that contact for better data segregation. Not only can you tag them when they call in, but at each stage of their interaction on the phone you can apply additional tags to allow clear reporting on how people are interacting with your business over the phone. This is invaluable information.

Trigger Sequences in Campaign Builder

When anyone calls your phone number you can apply a follow up sequence to that contact in Campaign Builder. This gives you the power to send emails, initiate tasks, fax, send a voice broadcast, run action sets, and anything else you can think to do with a follow up sequence! And just like applying tags, you can add callers to follow up sequences at each stage of their interaction during their call.

Record Forwarded Calls

I think there is some real power in being able to tag and add callers to follow up sequences, but being able to record incoming calls as the caller speaks with your staff is where this gets crazy awesome. Oh, and we take care of announcing that the call may be recorded for you. You just focus on building the incoming call interaction so you maximize every cent you invest in marketing.

Create Voice Mail Boxes

Are you in a business where returning calls makes more sense than taking calls? Then imagine being able to set up a voice mail that connects the caller in InfusionSoft with their voice mail messages and tags the caller for the person they were trying to reach. Or even running a follow up sequence to notify the person the caller was trying to reach. Yeah, it's that sweet.

Link Recordings to Contact Records

You were probably wondering where all those recordings go. Well, we hook them up to the contact record that called in and attach the recording link to a note. We worry about storing the recordings so they will always be available for you. Oh, and you get unlimited audio storage. Tell your callers to record away, because we gotcha covered.

Lead Source Tracking

When a new caller calls in and Fix Your Funnel creates a new contact record in InfusionSoft we also apply the lead source, which consists of the phone number they called and a PHONE indicator (i.e. (760) 621-8199 - PHONE).

Play 24/7 Recorded Messages

Want to deliver important information, updates or sales messages 24/7 on demand, and get all the killer features you see above? Then you're in the right place. Upload your mp3 audio and deliver your message with InfusionSoft power tracking. You'll know who listened and when. Besides that you can collect leads by having them leave their contact information, which, as you guessed, is added to their contact record in the notes. Just add a follow up sequence to assign a task to have your staff listen and update the contact record and you're playing in the big leagues. Are you excited? I am!

No Limits, Focus on Marketing

How many recorded messages on demand do you want? 10? 100? 1000? 10000? We don't limit you. You get all you want. And if one phone number gets too crowded for your taste, create another number on the fly and start loading it up. You're in control.

One Number...Two Super Powers

Every Fix Your Funnel local phone number you select has two super powers…Call Monitoring & SMS. No extra charge, it's just how we roll. So now we're not only giving you super marketing powers, we're saving you from having to sign up for multiple services that are not even connected to InfusionSoft. Send us a thank you card. (Oh, yeah, we can help you with that too.)

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