Part-time $40K Per Month Side Business

Show Notes Trent and Ryan, along with another business partner, have created a side business that brings in an additional $40K per month. 20% […]

Getting Prospects to Say: “I Want to Buy”

Show Notes Your goal when working with a prospective customer is to engage them in conversation so they can make a buying decision. You […]

Quadruple Your Video Content Views

Show Notes An MMS which contains images or video will likely increase content consumption. Send an MMS to your customer with a screen shot/image […]

Random Tactics or a Strategy?

Show Notes Understand the importance of a strategy before implementing any tactics in your business. Only implement tactics that are relevant to the strategies […]

Keep Moving Forward

Show Notes If you keep moving forward you will make it through the “crashing waves” and turmoil and make it into the calm water. […]

It’s Not Business; It’s Personal

Show Notes How you communicate with your customers isn’t business, it’s personal. See your customers as people who could be part of your family. […]