Dynamically Send Text Messages From Different Numbers

Today I had a strategy call with one of our users. Their business has multiple locations and we identified a low hanging fruit opportunity […]

Text Message to Facebook for Infusionsoft with FixYourFunnel

Create Your Sync Account Now Create Your Sync Account Now What is FixYourFunnel Sync? In 2011, Trent and I mapped out what we considered […]

All New Android version of FixYourFunnel Messenger – Live Text Message Chatting

Honestly, Android users haven’t had the greatest experience with our native app. The reason the FixYourFunnel Messenger app is such a big deal is […]

The Right Way to use Text Messaging with Infusionsoft

Take Personal Responsibility I might have recently heard of someone doing something VERY stupid and then not owning it. FixYourFunnel text messaging isn’t for […]

New MMS Features for Infusionsoft Text Messaging with FixYourFunnel

UPDATE: Don’t miss the dynamic image announcement! Watch to the very end to learn about this exclusive to FixYourFunnel feature! We’ve got a very […]

New FixYourFunnel Logic Links for Infusionsoft

Redirect Contacts Based on the Tags They Have or Don’t Have! UPDATE: Logic Links now work with Web Forms, Order Forms, Landing Pages and […]

Frank Kern’s Unlikely Experiment That’s Working Unusually Well…

Recently I heard that Frank Kern had posted a video in which he talks about how he’s using FixYourFunnel to generate more leads and […]