All New Android version of FixYourFunnel Messenger – Live Text Message Chatting

Honestly, Android users haven’t had the greatest experience with our native app. The reason the FixYourFunnel Messenger app is such a big deal is […]

The Right Way to use Text Messaging with Infusionsoft

Take Personal Responsibility I might have recently heard of someone doing something VERY stupid and then not owning it. FixYourFunnel text messaging isn’t for […]

New MMS Features for Infusionsoft Text Messaging with FixYourFunnel

UPDATE: Don’t miss the dynamic image announcement! Watch to the very end to learn about this exclusive to FixYourFunnel feature! We’ve got a very […]

New FixYourFunnel Logic Links for Infusionsoft

Redirect Contacts Based on the Tags They Have or Don’t Have! UPDATE: Logic Links now work with Web Forms, Order Forms, Landing Pages and […]

Frank Kern’s Unlikely Experiment That’s Working Unusually Well…

Recently I heard that Frank Kern had posted a video in which he talks about how he’s using FixYourFunnel to generate more leads and […]

How To Increase Sales by Engaging Prospects with Text Messaging

Resources from the Webinar Links to download the FixYourFunnel Messenger FixYourFunnel Messenger for Android FixYourFunnel Messenger for iOS

How to Get More Leads and Close More Sales with Text Messaging

Hosts Ross Walker, the man who hooked Frank Kern up with FixYourFunnel text messaging and worked out the strategy with him. Ross is the […]