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  • Outbound Calls
  • Broadcaster

Get real context with clear view of Infusionsoft campaign builder messages, automated chat messages and live text messages in one fluid conversation history.

See your active conversations, when the text was sent and a quick preview of the last message to easily navigate your live texting conversations.

When you're done with a conversation, slide it and archive it. Archived conversations are never lost, just hidden from your view until you or the contact texts again.

Quickly see new conversations that haven't been picked up by anyone on your team and start chatting. Conversations lead to sales!

Never be in the dark. Quickly see what conversations are in progress and tap for a full contextual view of the conversation. Perfect transparency.

Want to quickly claim a conversation or call a contact? Slide and tap. It's that easy.

Call from any of your business numbers hosted by Fix Your Funnel right from your smartphone. Your call history is tracked into Infusionsoft and you can even record your outbound calls!

Need to send a text blast out to a segment of your contacts? No problem, personalized messages are a few taps away. Using Infusionsoft's dynamic saved searches you're connecting in a moment.