From Prospect to Appointment Training

appointment strategy text message training

One of the most powerful ways to convert prospects to customers is during a sales appointment.

But if you sell by appointment then you know how difficult it can be to get a prospect set and keep an appointment.

In this training I'll share with you the secrets to getting prospects to set an appointment and keep it, ready to make a buying decision.

In This Training You Will Discover:

  • A powerful flow from prospect to appointment
  • The psychological hurdle that keeps folks from showing up to appointments
  • How to get those who are not setting appointments to move forward
  • How your ad, invitation to an appointment and your reminders all impact the appointment's success rate
  • How much time should be between when the prospect picks an appointment time and when the appointment will be
  • The biggest pitfall that marketing automation creates for appointment setting flows that kills your credibility
  • A simple thing you can do to make sure prospects show up to appointments ready to make a buying decision