Funnel Bots Directory

Slack Bot

The Slack Bot allows you to post updates to channels and users in Slack. We use this bot to keep our team aware of key actions happening with our prospective customers and customers when response is not required. When response is required we use the Hot List.

Social Bot

Social Bot scours the interwebs for social networks associated with your contact's information and returns a report of what it found, if anything. Social Bot will save the report to the notes of the contact, but optionally it can save the report to a field as well.

Counter Bot

Counter Bot was the bot that inspired the Funnel Bots. Counter Bot was inspired by Jermaine Griggs work on behavior based marketing. Counter Bot is used to advance a count by one that is stored in a whole number field in a contact record.

Check Number Bot

Check Number Bot will check all a contact's phone numbers to determine if they are mobile numbers or landlines. Then it will place the first mobile number it finds for that contact in the phone field of your choice as well as the landline and then place the rest in the remaining phone fields. While it's at it the bot will standardize the phone number making international texting and calling simple. Each successful phone number checked costs 1 cent.

Auto Merge Bot

Auto Merge Bot will take an email and automatically merge any contacts with the same email address!

Round Robin Bot

Select FixYourFunnel Team Members you want to participate in a round robin and this funnel bot will evenly distribute a corrosponding tag to each lead that you run this bot on.

Tag By Field Bot

This bot is designed to tag a contact with the value of a field. It grabs the value of the field you designate and creates a tag which is then applied to the contact record.

Mash Fields Bot

This bot simply takes two field values and combines them into one field. An Example would be mashing a contacts first name and their spouse's first name into a field for a direct mail piece.

Proper Bot

The Proper Bot will convert any text field into proper case words. So your prospect thinks they need to SCREAM their name into your webform, but you don't want to scream it back? Use Proper Bot to refine that text on the fly.

Add Time Bot

Do you need to add time to an expiration date, or any other date or date/time field in your contact records? The Add Time Bot is here to help!

Revenue Report Bot

This bot is designed to harvest data from your Infusionsoft app and deliver the important summary. It's going to tell you how much revenue was collected in your app, the number of customers that contributed to that total and the average spend per customer.

Next Bill Bot

The Next Bill Bot grabs the next bill date for the active subscription on a contact and saves it to a date type field. If you have multiple active subscriptions, use the optional subscription limit to only check that specific subscription for the next bill date.

Big Spender Bot

OK, we got a little crazy with this bot's name. Big Spender Bot will calculate how much a customer has spent in a given period of time and save that to the field you indicate (generally a currency field).

Balance Due Bot

Balance Due Bot finds out how much money a contact has outstanding for a give period of time and saves it to a field in the contact record (generally a currency field). This bot is the bot to make sure your other processes for collection are working!

Referral Count Bot

Referral Count Bot was requested by a funnel bot user! This bot will count how many referrals an affiliate has based off the affiliate's contact id and return that number to a whole number or text field.

Date Difference Bot

The Date Difference Bot will get the difference in the unit of time indicated between any two date or date/time fields in a contact record. Useful for seeing how long a customer has been in your database for things like anniversaries.

Tag Difference Bot

The Tag Difference Bot will get the difference in the unit of time indicated between when any two tags in a contact record were added. Useful for seeing how long it took for a prospect to become a customer. (apply a tag to all prospecting actions and another tag when any purchase is made.)

Saved Search Count Bot

This bot grabs the total number of contacts that are currently in a saved search and saves it to a contact custom field, preferably in your own contact record.

Friendly Date Bot

Friendly Date Bot takes these ugly hard to read dates that computers love and displays it in a nice friendly format. We like to keep a text field reserved for our friendly dates and run the Friendly Date Bot just before we send out the date merged into an out bound SMS, Email or Direct Mail piece (i.e. ZenDirect).

Date Tag Bot

The Date Tag Bot takes a date you give it and applies a tag named the day of the week, month and or year.

You Are Number Bot

You Are Number Bot will count how many contacts have a particular tag and return that number to a whole number or text field.

Move It Bot

The Move It Bot will move a field value from one field to another. This bot does not discriminate. It will transfer any type of value from one place to another, so make sure your field types are compatible.

Order Item Quantity Bot

Order Item Quantity Bot looks at the last order and returns the quantity of a product based on a product id provided.

Last Invoice Bot

Last Invoice Bot was our first suggested bot. A private client didn't want to use the default receipts that Infusionsoft sends out, so he needed a way to get the total spent on the last invoice and merge it into an email that told his customer about their purchase.

Transaction Average Bot

The Transaction Average Bot will calculate and save the average transaction value of a customer for a give time period.

Transaction Count Bot

The Transaction Count Bot will tell you how many times a customer has purchased from you in a give period of time.

Split Tester Bot

The Split Tester Bot allows you to randomly split a group of contacts into different groups.

Addition Bot

The Addition Bot does exactly what you'd expect. It adds two numbers and saves the result to the field you indicate. It's designed to work with numbers of all types.

Subtraction Bot

The Subtraction Bot does exactly what you'd expect. It subtracts value 2 from value 1 and saves the result to the field you indicate. It's designed to work with numbers of all types.

Multiplication Bot

The Multiplication Bot does exactly what you'd expect. It multiplies two numbers and saves the result to the field you indicate. It's designed to work with numbers of all types.

Division Bot

The Division Bot does exactly what you'd expect. It divides two values and saves the result to the field you indicate. It's designed to work with numbers of all types.

Note Pad Bot

The Note Pad Bot will append the data in the field you indicate to the Contact Notes with a nice date time stamp. If you want to gather data out of custom fields to recycle them, this is the way to do it!

Average Bot

This bot is meant to be run on a group of contacts. It takes the value of a whole number field and adds the values together for all contacts and then gives you the average.

Duplicate Bot

The Duplicate Bot fills a great hole in the infusionsoft duplicate contact world. Since you can't search for duplicates by the phone number, this bot has been created to do just that. It searches your database and marks duplicate contacts to help you identify and merge together.

Mass Tagging Bot

Using you are number bot, you advance a count based on number of contacts that have a particular tag. When you have a 100 people who took some action, then you want to give all of them some reward. This mass tagging bot allows that to happen.

Affiliate Namer Bot

The Affiliate Namer Bot is a simple bot that takes the name of the affiliate that is associated with a contact and places that in a contact field for practical use throughout Infusionsoft.

Opportunity Advance Bot

This bot allows a contact to be moved from one opportunity stage to the next through action that is taken outside of the opportunity record.

Name Splitter Bot

This bot simply takes a contact that has the full name in the First Name field in the contact record and it separates it out into the First and Last name fields.

Field Is Empty Bot

Checks a field to see if it is empty. If it is, then the tag id supplied is applied to the contact.