Funnel Bots

ryan chapman

FixYourFunnel is proud to offer FREE Funnel Bots!

Funnel Bots are little recipes that can be used to easily extend the functionality of Infusionsoft.

Funnel Bots are included in our paid accounts, but you can get a FREE Funnel Bot account that will allow you to run 5,000 funnel bots a month!

As you can see from the list of Funnel Bots below these little bots can do some pretty useful things. They have been developed based on real world use cases encountered by Infusionsoft users just like you!

Get your FREE Funnel Bots account today and start leveraging the full power of Infusionsoft!

Ross Walker

I put the affiliate counter bot into action for a client last week. Love it, thanks Ryan Chapman.

Steve Anderson

The Slack bot works like a charm. Set-up purchase notifications for a couple of products. Now thinking through what else would be nice to have in Slack. Thanks!

Jake Davies

Funnel Bots is an awesome little app within Fix Your Funnel! I've setup bots to do simple, but absolutely necessary things which have allowed me to further automate and save tons of time. Awesome! The how-to-videos are very informative as well. Everyone needs this simple app!

Jamar Johnson

The analytics that this app provides is crazy good! If you believe success is always in the details then this is the app you need for your business. It will tell you everything you need to know that matters from a marketing and sales standpoint. Easy to set-up and deploy. I highly recommend this app!