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Gather Leads from the Stage


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Gather Leads from the Stage

If you sell or speak from the stage, then you'll want to know how the partner sales team at Infusionsoft uses text messages to create a safety net that ensures their ultimate success every time they get in front of a crowd and how you can use the exact same model.

By collecting leads with text messaging you open a whole host of doors that wouldn't be available otherwise, making it easier to connect with prospects and customers and drive sales!

How Does It Work?

I know on the surface, this strategy seems pretty simple. And you know what, it's very easy to implement. In fact, we've had a good number of people implement the first part of this strategy 5 minutes before going on stage!

The essence of the strategy that Infusionsoft's Partner Sales team uses is they put a keyword and phone number on their slides and invite the audience to text the keyword to the phone number. What happens next is the audience member receives a text response with a request for the name of the audience member. Then they get a request for an email address and next thing the audience member knows, they've got an email with the promised deliverable.

The Set Up

Before you ever get on stage you need to start with what you want to offer your audience that will take them one step closer to doing business with you. After all, we said these are about getting more money!

I always start with the offer because everything springs from it.

Once you've identified your offer, normally, a keyword will come from it. A keyword is a single word that we use to identify what automated conversation we want to start that will gather contact information from a prospect for your Infusionsoft Campaign to work with.

The important thing to remember about keywords is that they should be easy to spell and they won't be messed up by auto correct. Yeah, that auto correct that at times can feel a bit possessed.

With FixYourFunnel you can move an existing phone number you already have over to FixYourFunnel to use for texting, OR you can pick one of tens of thousands of numbers available in our catalog of numbers.

I usually just pick a number through FixYourFunnel because I can find really good combinations of numbers that make it easy to type the number in and even remember it.

Because the keyword and phone number are the combination we'll use in our presentation, we want it to be simple for them to use. At this point, some folks, will ask if using a normal phone number is a good idea. Why not use a 5-6 digit short code? What I've found is that people have had decades of typing in normal phone numbers and so it comes second nature. Additionally there are some important features unique to normal phone numbers that we're going to want to tap into.

The Slides

I've seen more than a few perfect opportunities completely wasted because the speaker didn't understand what I'm about to share with you.

Oh, and I'm not talking about noobs. I'm talking about seasoned speakers and sales people have messed up royally, so please pay particular attention to what I'm about to share...

It takes the average lady about 7 minutes to text in your keyword to your number AFTER you first show it.

No, I'm not a misogynist. I'm more of a scientist. See, whenever I go to an event and someone is smart enough to use this strategy, I always get my timer out and time the audience to see how long it takes the first and most of the audience to text in.

What I've documented is that your ladies keep their phone in their purse. And if they are really into your message, then they are taking notes (BTW, these are the people you REALLY want to have text in). When you put up the instructions to text your keyword to your number, they have to finish the taking notes on the idea they got from you, then fish through the purse, then review the notifications on their lock screen, and then orient themselves again to your slides and what they need to do. At that point they open the texting app and enter in the information and you've just hit the 5-7 minute mark.

Yes, that may very well be the worst case scenario, but that's what you got to plan on.

So the ideal way to run this strategy is put the request to text the keyword to your number early enough in your presentation that you can keep it at the top of your slides for at least 10 minutes and keep them on there as long as possible.

But the Disruption!!!

An experienced speaker will bring up the concern of disrupting the flow of the presentation at this point.

And, you know what? It can be a bit of a mental disruption. But it's worth every second of disruption. Every single second.

I frequently get 90-95% of the room to text in. And this is exactly how I do it:

  1. I build up interest in what I'm about to offer.
  2. I show a slide with my keyword and phone number as the center of attention.
  3. I walk the audience through what they should do, and what will happen as they do.
  4. I sell them again on what they will get for doing it.
  5. I wait. (Just long enough to create some social pressure to comply)
  6. I bring them back into my presentation with a story.
  7. I move the texting instructions to the top of the remaining slides.

So why am I willing to disrupt the flow just to get a few people to text in?

At Infusionsoft they call the text message call to action their safety net.

Chad Kerby, who is a phenomenal stage speaker, said that the biggest block for anyone who sells from the stage is the pressure to sell. The more intense the pressure, the more intense the commission breath.

Commission breath is that foul odor that a sales person gives off when they "have to close". It's also known as desperation and it's a HUGE turn off.

So the sales people at Infusionsoft feel that pressure until they successfully ask folks to text in the keyword to their phone number. Once that's done, they know they can just focus on connecting with the audience and delivering their message. Because they have the best contact information of the audience members, they don't need to stress about only having one chance to sell.

They still ask for the purchase. They still work hard to help people see the value of their offer, but they don't stress about only having one shot to get the sale.

The Follow Up

Every audience is made up of three groups of people.

  1. The Interested who Buy
  2. The Interested who aren't Ready to Buy
  3. The Uninterested

You don't need to bother yourself with the uninterested, because they are not your buyer.

But if all you do is work with the Interested who Buy, you're leaving a majority of your opportunity on the table.

Check your own numbers, but when we sold from the stage our mediocre sales guy averaged 15%. On a really good day, he'd do 30%. The topic of the presentation was well advertised. Everyone in the audience was interested enough in the topic to take time to leave their home/office and travel to hear our guy speak.

So let's say that 80% were interested. If we didn't gather the contact information of the 65-50% who were interested but didn't buy then, how much opportunity were we leaving on the table?

Let's suppose that only another 10% ultimately decided to buy after we kept in touch and addressed the concerns that prevented them from buying while we were on the stage?

Do we have to pay extra to follow up? Not much. Just the cost of whatever media we use to follow up. So our cost to get the lead is pretty much fixed at whatever it cost us to get in front of the audience in the first place.

So if we get an extra 10% on top of our 15-30% we sold while on stage, how much more profit does that represent? If you said it could double our profit, you'd be right on target.

The Hidden Opportunity

What's fantastic about collecting leads in this way is we get several things right out of the gate:

  1. The Mobile Phone Number: This opens the door for us to chat with them via text message, call them by phone, and even target them on Facebook and/or Instagram!
  2. The Why: The keyword indicates the context that lead them into our database in the first place and tells us quite a bit about their motivations and needs.
  3. Their Email: This let's us send them emails with more education, or opportunities to address concerns.

So let's suppose that you will never call them or text them after the event where you gathered their contact info using the keyword and number.

Let's suppose that you decide to never email them.

But let's suppose that you do sync their phone numbers to Facebook and then ask Facebook to find people like them.

Did you know that from a few really good events you could use Facebook to identify EXACTLY who you should target with your message?

So, yeah, there are a ton of opportunities that come from using this Safety Net when you speak.

Getting This Working For You

At the beginning of this article I mentioned that we've had quite a few folks get the first part of this strategy set up in 5 minutes before getting on stage.

That's because when you set up your FixYourFunnel account we automatically create your first automated conversation for you and create the tags in your Infusionsoft account and everything!

That's the first part of this strategy. The second part is simply using the tag that is applied to the contact after collecting the email address to be the goal that triggers the sequence in your Infusionsoft Campaign.

It's that simple. The only reason I made this article so long was so that you'd really understand the psychology behind presenting the text message call to action so that you can nail it the first time you try!

Next Step

If you speak from the stage, then you'll want to watch this free training: Text Message Lead Capture from the Stage, where you'll learn the specifics that will make sure you're getting every lead out of the rooms you speak or sell in.