How to Have a Successful Trade Show Experience for Your Business with Infusionsoft/Keap

The other day, I was on a phone call with a customer and we had a really good conversation about lead capture from a booth and from a slide presentation. This customer uses printables at her booth and was looking for a way to capture leads and increase interaction from those mediums. What we learned from this conversation was so valuable, I thought I would share it with everyone.

Presenting from the Stage

The very first thing to know when you are going to present from a booth or the stage is you have to use a keyword and phone number. This is probably the simplest way to both get permission to text and gather contact information.

About 15 minutes into your presentation, you need to make a call to action. Whatever that call to action is, what you're going to do is you're going to have a slide dedicated to explaining the offer and what they’re going to get out of texting in.

You may have to finagle your current presentation a little bit so that they'll understand why they would want to do that.

The idea isn't that everybody in the room is going to do it 15 minutes in. It can take up to 10 minutes for people to register what you're asking, pull out their phone, and actually do it. We don't want to leave it to the very end.

That's the mistake most people make; they do it at the very end and that's the worst place to do it.

We want to do it about 15 minutes in and have a slide dedicated to it. It needs to have, in real big letters, the keyword and the phone number and then some bullet points of what they're going to get when they text in.

When I present that, what I'll do is I'll present the offer and say, "When you text in this keyword, what I'm gonna do is ask for your name, then your email. Once I have that, I'm going to send you what I am promising here. You're going to get this, and this, and this, and the only way to get this is to text in right now. So, if that sounds interesting to you, go ahead and text the keyword to the phone number."

That's roughly the presentation. You could use your own format, obviously you'll do it your way, but get those key elements in it.

Then for the rest of the slides, you want to include a thin banner across the top that is legible enough that they can see it from anywhere in the room.

This banner should include the keyword, the phone number, and then a phrase that briefly describes whatever is that you're promising. This could be, "get the report," or "get the PDF," or "get the slides," or whatever it is. That banner then goes across the rest of the slides or most of the slides for the rest of the presentation.

The reason why you need to do this in first 15 minutes is we're hoping to build enough rapport that we can present that offer and they'll pay attention to it. Then, as you continue through your presentation, you're going to continue to build trust and demonstrate expertise.

As you do, some people go,"Oh, you know what? Maybe I actually do want that!" And we need to make sure it's easy for them to see your call to action across the top as you go through the rest of your presentation.

If you do that, you'll get the most leads possible out of the room.

I would use a different keyword for your presentation than for your booth because you want to be able to distinguish between people who listen to you for 45 minutes versus those who just chat with you for 5.

Lead Capture from a Booth

At the booth, what we do is we'll set up some sort of offer, which may be an offer that's already in your brochure or your printable. But now, we want that offer to be delivered through a keyword and phone number as well.

You'll set up a different keyword for this offer, again, so we can distinguish between people who you talked to at the booth versus people who listened to you for an hour.

When you create a keyword and phone number automated conversation, one of the items on the right side of the screen in FixYourFunnel is a button that looks like a little QR code. If you click on that, it will show you a QR code for that automated conversation.


You can use that one, or you there's a green button that has a link icon in it. If you right click on that and then click "save link as", that will give you the link that is the basis for that QR code.

That way, if you want you can go use a site like QR Code Monkey, which is a cool QR code Builder. They'll make one that looks cool; you can put your logo in the middle or create a design in it. That's what I'll use when I want to do printed materials or something like that, but in a bind, I'll just use the plain QR code in FixYourFunnel.

You can then put that QR code on a laminated piece of paper or on your phone itself or a banner and when people come by the booth and they hesitate for just a second, you want to ask them a question.

Ask: "Do you have an iPhone or an Android?"

Most of the time, people can't even help but answer the question.

This situation is called a double bind.

Everybody has either an Android or an iPhone. If anybody says, "I have a Windows phone," you just keep say, "keep on walking," because there's some wrong with them.

When you ask that question, they're going to answer one way or another.

If they say iPhone, say, "Oh, great! I'd like to give you this. Just open your camera." Then, when they open their camera, they can point it at your QR code and it will pop up a little button at the top.

They tap that, it'll ask to open Messages, they tap "okay" and then, boom. The keyword and phone number are pre-filled in, they just have to hit send.

You then tell them, "Just hit send and finish that conversation. I'm gonna ask for your name and email and I'll send you this right to your email inbox."

If they say Android, you say, "Oh, no problem. Open up your texting app," and then you just get them to type in the keyword and phone number and you help them do that.

The thing is, one, you've asked the first question. This immediately puts them into a state of responsive engagement with you.

So I just start walking them through how to put it in and I tell them what they're going to get as I'm telling them to put in the key word and the phone number. If any questions come up, then you just address the questions!

If they say, "I don't know if I want this," you can just say, "Oh, tell me about your situation," or whatever it is that you do to enter into conversations with people at the booth.

But I always start with that first question of, "Do you have an Android or iPhone," because everybody can answer it. Nobody feels stupid because they know, I have an iPhone or I have an Android. We all can answer it.

I'm sure even you reading this right now have answered the question in your mind. It's that easy and irresistible.

That's the best way to run the booth in terms of getting leads.

Now, by all means, if you have people who are like, "No, not interested," and they just want to take your printable, then do that.

But, your interested folks will actually do that and you'll have their contact information right away.

You should try this first so you know how it works. In fact, you can try this right now. Below you’ll see a QR code.


If you have an iPhone, scan this QR code and you’ll see the keyword and phone number filled in.

If you have an Android, text the word LEARN to (949)835-5300.

If you text this keyword, you’ll get access to a free PDF and audio version of my book, The Messaging Connection. This book has a ton of valuable information that will help you use text messaging to better connect with your contacts.

If you use these two methods, along with the methods I teach in my book, you’ll dramatically increase the amount of leads you’re able to capture at a trade show.

Keys to Success

The real secret in converting prospects into customers is conversation. You have to have conversations with people.

In your lead capture, you're going to ask for name and email. Then you're gonna tell them, "Great, thank you! I am now sending what you requested to you, check your email for that."

But, if you'll add this one extra question to the end of that final text message, it will lead to conversions more than anything else.

That question is: "Why did you text the keyword today?"

It can be some variation on that, but what we really want to do is start a conversation with them.

Whatever your product or service is, ask them a question that will allow them to express why they were interested in it. That starts conversations and, as I aid, all sales happen in conversation.

I would ask some sort of question that hits at the heart of what you think is motivating their interest. You don't want it to be manipulative, but something that you know is going to elicit a response because it hits at their emotional core of what would drive their behavior.

People make decisions based off of emotions for the most part. If the salesmanship doesn't elicit that emotion to the top, then it never becomes a priority and they never do anything different.

You have a find a way to elicit the emotion and a response from them in a way that's going to be productive and move them towards taking a positive action that will make their life better.

That's my biggest recommendation.

If you do any follow up text messages with anybody that comes into this process, ask a question about the thing you delivered to them.

Usually people have one question or one concern that holds them back from taking.

Some pretty common responses people give are time and money. Whenever I hear time and money, it means we didn't get deep enough.

Really think about the question that you're going to ask.

You don't want this conversation starter to be a yes or no question, because then they just answer it and the conversation is over.

I want to structure it in some way that I'm going to get a response from them, but that bases it off the assumption that they looked at what you delivered to them.

What we're trying to do is get them to consume if they haven't consumed, and if they have consumed, get a response and a conversation going.

If they haven't consumed yet, they might be prompted by your question to go consume, which would naturally lead them to then respond.

That's what the goal is with these open-ended questions.

You want to make sure you’ve created a good path for them to go down and what you're giving them is compelling enough to go, "Wow, I actually want to start using this product or service because I think this could really help me."

That's where we want them to be at the end of consuming whatever it is you're delivering at this stage.

In text messages, really avoid selling. You want to use these texting tools to try to start conversations or encourage consumption. This will foster a relationship with your company and your show up rate will be better.

If you just push them straight to setting an appointment, you haven't set the hook and they probably just won't show up.

That's why I always push towards conversation.

The Formula

It really comes down to that basic formula of: how do I start conversations?

There are 3 simple steps to doing this, and once you’ve started a conversation, you are miles closer to actually converting that lead into a life-long customer.

You need to open the door so that we can text with people because that's the best medium right now, and then you need to start conversations.

I use the keyword and the phone number to open the door and deliver a message.

Then I like to deliver what I promise right in a text message. Email is just a backup.

After I’ve delivered what I promised, I ask an open-ended question that leads to a conversation.

If you're thinking: open the doors to texting, start conversations, you've got 99% of it.

That’s it.

It doesn’t take much to convert leads from the stage or the booth, you just have to know how to utilize texting to properly connect with your leads.

If you would like to learn more about these strategies and many more, just text LEARN to (929)835-5300, or, if you’re on mobile, just tap the banner on the bottom of the screen to get a free PDF and audio version of The Messaging Connection.

A note on keywords: uppercase or lowercase doesn't matter. It doesn't matter how it looks, as long as it's spelt right. Choose a short word [under six letters ideally] and something that you know that they can spell and that autocorrect isn't going to change.

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