How to Automate Text Message Marketing with Infusionsoft in 3 Easy Steps

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In this short video you'll learn how to easily and quickly automate SMS into your campaigns so you can jump the email inbox and communicate with customers and prospects more effectively.

First you'll learn a quick 2 step process to make adding SMS to your sequences easier than adding an email.

The first step of the set up is to create an outbound message in FixYourFunnel.

This message will use a special field I'm going to name msg, no, not the chemical that makes things taste better, it's short for message. We'll select the phone number that will send this SMS and set the timing to immediately. Click create action and grab the URL for this outbound SMS. Now let's head over to Infusionsoft!

To make adding an SMS fast I do a one time set up in campaign builder of a campaign I call $$ templates. You'll understand why when we get to the end.

Inside the campaign I create a sequence I name SMS templates.

In this sequence I create an http post (that's how FixYourFunnel will know to send an SMS out to your contact.)

I name the post Quick SMS and the phone number that will send the SMS.

Now I paste the URL I created in step 1 and set up the name value pairs.

Only three name-value pairs are required.

First the Id of the contact (this is for tracking back into the contact record with a note that the SMS went out successfully and what it said.)

Next the mobile phone field. I recommend Phone 3 or 5, I use phone 5.

Finally the message body, which we named msg as you see here on FixYourFunnel.

Now I can customize the message with some place holder text like "Replace with your message".

You can go through this process for each phone number you have available for SMS.

Now I'm ready for easier-than-email adding of SMS to any sequence.

When you want to add a quick SMS just add an http post, click the drop down at the top and click copy from campaign.

A pop up will appear and you'll find that our double dollar sign templates campaign is at the top.

Next select the name of the Quick SMS template you created for the number you want to send the SMS from and simply replace the msg value with your message.

You can merge in field values or just have a static message, including links (though I recommend using a URL shortener since you only have 160 characters to work with)!

Now you know how simply SMS can be automated into your campaigns in Infusionsoft.

To experience what's possible with texting for Infusionsoft, Text DEMO to (760) 621-8199 now!

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