How to Send Direct Mail with Infusionsoft: Step by Step Guide

Direct mail is a powerful part of any marketing campaign. It allows you to show up like no one else and be present in their physical world, which does quite a bit to remind them why they do business with you, and not someone else.

Here at FixYourFunnel we use RocketNotes to send direct mail and gifts, like the brownies you see above that we send to all of our new customers to say thanks!

In this guide you'll learn how to create a card with custom contact variables included in the body of your message and then send it out from an Infusionsoft campaign sequence!

Let's get started! You can follow along by either watching the video below, or reading the step by step guide.

Video Guide

Written Guide

Step 1: Integrate with Infusionsoft

Go to “Account” in the upper right hand corner.


Click on “Integrations” and set up account to Infusionsoft. Click on “View Infusionsoft Tutorial Video”. If you need help, it will walk you through the process.


Step 2: Create a Greeting Card


Step 3: Pick Your Cover Image


Step 4: Create a Custom Merge Field in the Body of the Card

Use double brackets to indicate merge field.


Make sure that whatever you type in the message field is exactly what you’re going to put into your http post. If it isn’t exactly the same, it will not merge.

Add whatever merge fields you want, just make everything is the same in the message and the http post.

Step 5: Name your Card


Step 6: Preview your Card


Make sure the front, inside, and back of your card looks correct. On the back you can put your logo. Some people also put a QR code here to lead to a trackable link

Click "Save" and save as a project.

Step 7: Integrate Card/Project with Infusionsoft in RocketNotes


Go to the Account Integrations page and click on the Infusionsoft button.

Step 8: Create a New Web Hook


Name your web hook, add your project and a gift, and click "Save".

Step 9: Copy and Paste your Web Hook URL


You will use this in Infusionsoft.

Step 10: Create HTTP Post in Infusionsoft


Paste your Web Hook URL at the top.

You need to add all of the name/value pairs shown above at the minimum in order for the http post to process.

Once all of your name/value pairs and merge fields are added, you can switch from "Draft" to "Ready"!

That's it!

You can now send direct mail from Infusionsoft with RocketNotes!

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team by clicking the green button in the bottom right corner.

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