How to send text messages through Infusionsoft!

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Today I am going to share with you how we tackled the challenge of sticking with Infusionsoft's claim to avoid "multi-system chaos" when it came to adding in the ability to send text messages with Infusionsoft.

First, you should know that my brother and I started a business in 2007 with Infusionsoft as the 'backbone' to all of our customer interactions, sales and billing.  We started a real estate training company and using Infusionsoft we went from $0 to $1.3M in revenue in 12 months and only had 6 people on the team at the one year mark.

I share this so that you know 1) we use and love Infusionsoft in our other businesses (we have an Infusionsoft App for each business) and 2) we know the limitations that it has and have developed tools to EXPAND those limitations to work for our own businesses.  We are entrepreneurs, so of course when we solve our problems, we offer the solution to other business owners through

As you know, Infusionsoft is awesome when it comes to email marketing and managing interactions with your database and recurring, but out of the box, you can't tie in your phone system and send or receive text messages through Infusionsoft.

Well, what we did was create a way for you to overcome this limitation WITHOUT having to resort to using a "short code" where you either have to pay thousands a month to have your own short code, or join a shared short code (which is most common) and be limited to only a few keywords.  When we set out to make it so you could use SMS (text messaging) for lead capture or for follow up with existing leads and clients in your Infusionsoft app, here are the things that we wanted:

  1. An affordable phone number (not a short code) that we own for just a few bucks a month and one that isn't "shared" with other businesses
  2. Ability to have an automated "conversation" via text message (not just a single inbound or outbound text, but a back and forth conversation with pre-written responses)
  3. No limitation on keywords for starting a "conversation" (others use a "short code" that is shared with hundreds of other businesses and the keywords you may want are probably already taken)
  4. The ability to receive phone calls to that number that could be tracked, recorded and added to the contact record in Infusionsoft
  5. Easy setup and interaction with a simple interface to be able to send out text message broadcasts within seconds

Well, we are happy to share that we set all of this up for our businesses and a few months ago, decided to start "sharing" this with other marketers so they to could leverage Infusionsoft's power with this new media, SMS conversations and broadcasts.

To find out more and to start sending text messages through your Infusionsoft account today, go here or you can text our office at: (760) 621-8199

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