Increase Your Webinar Sales

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Increase Your Webinar Sales

Show Notes

  • Create an opportunity to engage in conversation with those webinar attendees that did not buy.
  • The following strategy has been successfully implemented by Frank Kern:
  • Require your webinar registrants to provide their cell phone number upon registration.
  • Send a text reminder 15-30 minutes prior to the start of the webinar.
  • If webinar attendees do not purchase with an hour, send a text message with an open-ended question such as, “Hey, I have something special. If you are interested, please let me know.”
  • This text message is an invitation for the webinar attendees to interact with you or a member of your team.
  • This then turns into a conversation where they can make a decision with more information that they didn’t get on the webinar.
  • If you would like to increase your webinar sales, remember to:
  • Gather the cell phone number during the registration process.
  • Gain permission to interact via a text message reminder.
  • Engage in a conversation once the prime buying window has passed so you can answer questions that were not answered during the webinar.
  • As you connect with people as people and not as things that you extract money from, you can help to eliminate their problems and help them pursue their dreams. Live texting helps you to make that that person to person contact.

Transcription of Episode

[00:00:00] Hello, this is Ryan Chapman with Fix Your Funnel, and in today's episode, I'll be teaching a little technique to help you, if you do webinars, to be able to double your sales. Now, you may not double your sales, disclaimer. You may just increase them by 50%. Who knows.

But you're going to get more sales with this method as long as what you're offering is actually the interest to the market that you're offering it to. If you're getting any sales at all, chances are, this is going to help increase your sales. It requires very little effort, but it's definitely worth the effort that you're going to put into it.

This method actually came from one of our users at Fix Your Funnel, Frank Kern, who is doing webinars. And in his webinars, he realized that, after a certain period of time, he didn't really have very many more sales.

People attended the webinar, they were given an offer to spend money, and they would spend that money in the next hour, and then after about that hour, not very many more sales would happen.

He realized there may be an opportunity for [00:01:00] him to have more sales if he could engage in conversation with the people who didn't buy, find out why they didn't buy, and then be able to help them to realize if this decision made sense for them or not. Maybe he gave terms, maybe he didn't, I don't know what he did specifically in that scenario, but I do know that he started to use a method that I'm going to explain to you now.

That method was he got their cell phone number at the registration point, made it required, and then would send them a text message reminder 15 to 30 minutes before the webinar started. Then, the people who attended the webinar up to the point where he made his offer, but then did not buy within the next hour, he sent a text message out to them and said, hey, I've got something special I'd like to talk to you about. If you're interested, let me know.

This is an open-ended question or statement. He's asking for their invitation to interact with him via text message. In this case, they didn't interact directly with Frank, they interacted with a member of his team.

When they received this text message, [00:02:00] they were able to text back if they're interested in what was discussed on the webinar, and then they were able to go into a conversation that then led to a place where they were able to make a decision with more information that they didn't get directly from the webinar. The end result was he doubled his sales from his webinars.

If you're looking to increase your sales from your webinars, you want to start thinking about how do I gather the cell phone number in the registration process? And then, how do I gain permission to start interacting with them via text message? So, a reminder, and then, how can I engage them in a conversation once the opportunity to buy has passed and people haven't been buying anymore so that they can be able to get answers to questions, increase their confidence that this can actually solve the problem they're trying to solve, and as a result increase our sales or new customer relationships?

That's a quick technique that you can be utilizing in your business if you do webinars to help you to have more sales [00:03:00] with the same number of prospective customers. If you couple that with our technique that we talked about on the last episode, that means you're going to get more people attending, which means you're going to be increasing sales just from attendance, but you're also going to be able to increase sales from answering questions that people have that weren't able to get all their answers just from the presentation of the webinar.

If we think about everything we've been talking through this podcast series, then you realize that this is simply an extension of what we've been talking about the whole time, which is, how do we connect with people, find out what their real problem is, and then help them to be able to recognize, if we can solve it, how we can solve it.

As you connect with people as people, which is what we're doing through the live texting that happens off the back of this text message sent through campaign builder SMS done with Fix Your Funnel, and we're going to see that these methods open up the opportunity for us to interact with people as people.

To quit treating people as things that we extract money from, but to treat them as people that we're helping on their [00:04:00] journey on this planet, to be able to have whatever problem they're trying to get rid of eliminated or pursue whatever dream it is that they're trying to accomplish.

When you start focusing on people in that way, it changes the nature of your business, it actually makes it much more profitable and much more sustainable, and I hope that you're joining us in that journey. This is Ryan Chapman from Fix Your Funnel. Keep moving forward.