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5 Minutes to Connect

Based on data from a MIT Study conducted in 2007, the odds of contacting a lead in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop by 100 times. In fact, from just 5 minutes to 10 minutes the odds decrease by 5 times.

In 2010 the lead in the MIT study did a follow up study. The study confirmed that in 2010 conversion was 7 times more likely if you responded within 5 minutes.

As I was thinking about these facts I was wondering if there was a way with our SMS service to have a text message sent to a sales representative instantly when some action was taken on a website, in a trackable card, with a trackable link in an email, when a webform was completed, a phone call was received or any number of actions that can be tracked with InfusionSoft (and some help with services like

InfusionSoft legacy follow up sequences (LFUS) are great, but there is no control over the http post and 'immediate' really means 10-30 minutes. So LFUS was out of the picture.

Tags on the other hand can and are applied instantly. The new campaigns sniff for tags being applied and are really fast (think 30-60 seconds). So I wondered if I could use the customization features of the campaign builder sequence http post to send myself a text message with a contact's information in the body of the SMS.

Well, it worked! So I created this video to show you how to use Fix Your Funnel's SMS service to create instant notifications. This particular video shows how a SMS conversation interaction creates or updates a contact record, sets a tag and initiates the SMS to a member of my team so they can follow up. Watch to the very end to see me create an instant SMS notification in 3 minutes and 24 seconds (I speed it up so you don't have to wait that long) and you get to try out the process LIVE!

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