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First Incoming Text Message

When it comes to mobile marketing don't under estimate the value of the first incoming text message.

Unlike a web form which is only as valuable as the quality of the email address it captures, text message lead capture does quite a bit of work on the first step.

Typically when we use text messaging for lead capture we ask a prospective customer to text a keyword to our phone number. And because you own your own phone number you can use whatever keyword you like.

The unique combinations of keyword and phone number allow you to create scenarios where you can pinpoint exactly where a prospect was prompted to respond to your marketing.

For example, let's say you are sending out a postcard to people who live around your business. You want them to text in TRY to your number to get a coupon to try your product or service. You might have a couple different postcard designs you want to try out. In the past you might have used the same call to action on all the variations of the postcard, but with your unlimited keywords we might use TRY, SAMPLE, COUPON on three different designs and then see which one performs the best.

See, the first incoming text message tells us three things:

  1. Mobile phone number of the interested prospect.
  2. Why they texted in because of the keyword they used.
  3. Who they are on facebook (ok an 80% chance at least!)

Why the Mobile Phone Number is HUGE!

The mobile phone number allows us to text, call and market to the prospect on Facebook and Instagram!

If you just got an email address you can email them (and get filtered), IF they gave you an email address they even check. Not great.

If you're ready to start benefiting from text messaging in your lead capture efforts, Text DEMO to (760) 621-8199 today.

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