Instant Customer Value Growth


Instant Customer Value Growth

If you use Infusionsoft order forms, then you'll want to know how companies are doubling their profit on the initial purchase from customers by simply giving them more of what your customers want.

This simple strategy has generated millions in additional revenue for folks like Ryan Diess, Frank Kern, and on and on. And they've used the technology we created to do it.

How Does It Work?

20% of people who buy from you, will say yes to at least one up sell, if properly presented and if you don't commit the 4 sins of up sells.

The Set Up

We've all experienced them, but we didn't always enjoy it. It's called the up sell. And it's your secret to dramatically increasing your profit margin, while giving your best customers more of what they want.

There are several types of up sells, but the one that I've discovered that works best is the post purchase up sell. Unlike the pre-purchase up sell, it doesn't complicate the initial purchase decision.

Because the customer doesn't see it until the first purchase is completed, the up sell is considered a separate transaction decision. But because of the prior purchase, the law of congruence is called into play.

The Law of Congruence

Our desire as people to be congruent is so strong that when we just finish making a buying decision we want to validate it was a good idea. Upgrades and complimentary offers can meet that need.

The Technology

Adding post purchase up sells can be really easy. You could just have the thank you page of your first order form be another order form.

Maybe adding a buffer of a sales page would make the experience less jarring for a customer. For example, thanking them for their purchase then making a congruent offer.

The Power of a Single Click

What makes this particular strategy powerful is that we offer up sells with a single click. No need for the customer to re-enter their payment information, we just allow them to add the up sell with a single click.

Now, I've heard more than a few people say, why go through the trouble (and really it's not much trouble at all) of making the up sell one click. Isn't another order form just as good?

We had a customer using our One Click Up Sell service that hired us to do some set up for them. As I was making a requested update, I noticed that they had disabled the confirmation pop up option that we have. So, being an Eagle Scout, I decided to do a good turn and enable the confirmation pop up.

Within minutes of updating the page I received a frantic call..."What did you do????"

I was confused. I explained that I had re-enabled the confirmation pop up.

I didn't change their up sell from a single click to filling out a new order form, I changed it from a single click to a second confirmation click. That's all I did.

But that simple extra click was enough to cut their conversions in HALF!

Was the sale that fragile that a second click could reduce their conversions by half? No, but it was enough of a second thought creator that it had a huge impact on their bottom line.

So now imagine your own situation. If a second click can reduce purchases by half of what they could be for up sells, how much more impact would filling out an entire form have? Yeah, staggering.

What Does it Take?

To get one click up sells set up for you, I recommend you begin with my book. FixYourFunnel's oldest service is the one click up sell. Folks routinely, and happily pay me $1,500 for a single hour of consulting on how to set up their up sells. Why would they do it? Because these same folks double and even triple their profit margins with my guidance on up sells.

So I wrote my first book on up sells so that if you're not ready to drop $1,500 for an hour, you could read my book and get 80% of what I might do for you in person!

Getting This Working For You

90% of getting up sells to work right for you is deciding what to offer and how to present it. So, I want to give you my book and 14 days of One Click Up Sell service. It's an easy ready, but if you follow the exercises in the book, you'll know exactly what to offer and how to offer it for maximum results and VERY HAPPY CUSTOMERS!

Next Step

The next step, if this strategy is for you, is to request my book and a 14 day trial of our One Click Up Sell service.

Compared to the revenue you'll add to your bottom line with up sells, this service is a super no brainer. I'm excited to hear about your success story with this strategy!

Here's a little ROI matrix that shows you what it takes to get ROI with up sells:


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