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Episode 1:

In today's episode I take on the question from Brent out of Utah. Brent asked, "How do you create SMS surveys to trigger variable follow up based on the prospect's answer?"

First off, there are 4 keys to making an SMS survey work, with 2 assumptions in place.

Two Assumptions

Assumption #1: You are using a Fix Your Funnel phone number with SMS capabilities. You could do this with other SMS services so long as assumption #2 is in place.

Assumption #2: You have unlimited access to keywords. The nice part about Fix Your Funnel numbers that I can't always say about other services is you have 70,000+ English keywords to work with on each phone number, and you're not limited to 1 phone number. (NOTE: In this video I demonstrate the usage of the same keyword with two different phone numbers, showing I had access to 140,000+ English keywords)

4 Keys to SMS Surveys:

#1. Structure your questions for keyword answers.

You want to have a question that has 3-5 answers, that may be expressed as a sentence or concept, but that can be boiled down to a word.

#2. Select smart keywords.

One of the more common mistakes I see people making with keywords is making them difficult to remember and type in. With smart phone adoption on the rise, we have an even bigger problem as we select keywords...auto correct! So when you select keywords for your survey answers, make sure that they are short, simple to type in, won't be auto-corrected and are easy to connect back to the answer. I supply an example in the video.

#3. Decide what information is critical to collect.

To create the survey you want to use automated, intelligent SMS conversations, like those offered by Fix Your Funnel. With Fix Your Funnel's SMS conversations you can collect prospect's answers into contact fields and apply tags. So before you begin, you want to decide what data you want to collect in addition to the prospect's cell phone number and answer.

Would you like to get their email address? Do you want them to explain why they picked the answer they gave?

If you'd like them to give you more contact information you need to create something that would be worth it to the prospect to run the risk of being spammed to death. (NOTE: I'm not saying or suggesting that you spam or should spam, what I AM saying is that is the risk that the prospect is assessing, so you need to determine what you have that would be worthy of the prospect taking the risk.)

#4. Structure SMS conversations to trigger follow up with tags.

As I mentioned above, SMS conversations can trigger sequences in campaign builder by applying tags at a particular stage in the conversation. This allows you to correlate a particular follow up sequence with an SMS survey answer.

The fact that we mention a follow up sequence implies that we have more than just the cell phone number of the prospect or customer. If this is a prospect survey then you will need to make sure you have a way to gather email address as mentioned in #3, if this is a customer survey then so long as you have the cell phone associated with the contact record you wouldn't need to gather the email address in the conversation.

In Depth How To Video

To gain access to an in depth how to video that shows you how to create the SMS conversations and sequences in campaign builder, text IN to (760) 621-8477

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