Level Two Facebook Secrets

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Level Two Facebook Secrets


In the last episode, I went over Level One Facebook Secrets. If you haven't listened to that one, make sure you go back and listen to it because this episode builds on the concepts we went over in that episode.

So today I'm going to go over Level Two Facebook Secrets. Now, Level Two is for that person who has maybe a more mature Infusionsoft business, meaning they're using Infusionsoft, not Keap. They've got a fairly mature business, they're getting customers. They've got some of the fundamentals of place, but they're wanting to increase conversion.

To increase conversion, what you got to do is make sure your message is actually being consumed.

One of the mistakes that a lot of people make, marketing consultants, business owners, marketers, whatever you want to call, is we fall into the trap of assuming sent is consumed, and sent is not consumed.

If we send an email, that does not mean it's consumed. If we send out a text message, it doesn't mean that the content is consumed. If we do anything, it doesn't mean it's consumed.

You're always trying to win the battle of [00:01:00] consumption because if you can get your message consumed, the likelihood of that person becoming a customer for the short-term or long-term, or at least a referral source, goes up dramatically.

If the message is not consumed, the chances of them becoming a customer or referral source go down dramatically as you would expect.

They've got to get your message, they got to understand why it's important to do business with you or to tell people to do business with you. That can only be done if people are consuming your message.

That's why texting is so important. That's why at FixYourFunnel, we're all about that, but that's also why we're about Facebook.

Facebook ads are media where people are still spending time. Even though they say that the inventory is fixed, what that means is that maybe we're not getting the younger generation jumping on at the same rate that we were before. They're looking at other platforms.

But, there's still a huge body of people, and at least the people who are the people that have money to spend, they're on Facebook.

So, getting in front of that is really important, but people are spending time in front of Facebook almost daily for a [00:02:00] lot of the people that are on Facebook. They're on there at least daily. If they're not on there daily, they're on weekly, then there's small minority that are only on there monthly.

Knowing that means we can start using Facebook ads as media. What do I mean by that?

You can coordinate your Facebook video ads- like I said, I like video ads because you can transmit a lot of information very quickly, in terms of inflection, facial expression, as well as the content itself.

Facebook video ads can be coordinated with Infusionsoft email campaigns. That's very exciting if you can get that concept because maybe we're sending out, we have a campaign and we send out three or four emails.

There's a very small percentage chance that they're actually going to see the email, and then an even smaller chance they're going to open it, and then an even smaller chance that they're going to interact with email.

Yet, we still do it because it is a media that can serve a purpose, so we don't not do it, but really what we want to do is we want to make every media that we use is effective as [00:03:00] possible.

By doing Facebook ads in coordination with email campaigns, I'm going to show you a way that we can actually increase the email interaction, which is key, and that is: you can reference the email contents to boost email interaction.

When you're running this Facebook video ad that's coordinated- and I'm going to show you exactly how that's done- with an email campaign, you can say, "Hey, I think I sent you an email. If you'll check your email inbox, looks for this.

"In that email, what I did is I show you this, this, and this, and there's also a link to reference for that. And if you'll go look at that and click on that reference, what you're going to be able to do is this, this, and this and this is how it's going to help you to be successful or get whatever it is that you're looking for."

We can actually reference the emails in our videos and boost email interaction. We want to boost email interaction because that sends a signal to the email service providers about the value of the email you're sending to customers, not just for that customer, but across [00:04:00] the board.

Anytime you boost email interaction, whether it's like sending a text message and saying, "Hey, go check that email I sent you," or by using Facebook ads as a media to reference that, you're actually going to increase your overall effectiveness of email across the board.

You're sitting a signal to email service provider about- now that's kind of a hack in some ways, because the email service provider doesn't know that you're using other medias to increase that interaction.

But, when you increase the interaction, it sends that signal that, "Hey, this email sender is a valued sender, show this email in the best place possible."

It's one of the things that can help as machine learning becomes a bigger bigger part of how ESP's organize the email inbox.

Remember: clicks are more valuable than opens. Yes, if we get them to open the email and look at it, that's somewhat valuable, but not nearly as valuable as clicks.

If you can, in that video ad, reference a click. Say, "Hey, I sent you a link in the email. If you'll click that, that's specific for you," or whatever. That way you're going to [00:05:00] actually send the right signal.

You don't have to create a whole new message.

You may have recognized when I was referencing what I would do in that video, I'm actually going to deliver the same message that I'm delivering in the email, but I'm going to maybe just utilize the email interaction part to increase that by saying, "Now go click on that link."

But I can deliver the same message, essentially, that I'm trying to deliver in the email.

If in the email I'm sending them to a video, in my video ad I wouldn't maybe give all the video stuff, but what I would do is resale why they want to go watch that video.

Tell them they can get the link in their email and then, when they click on the email and go into the video, then they're going to get that. What's really great is I can coordinate action that they take in the campaign with this Facebook ad.

The way that that's done is I use tags. So, if you're using a tool like FixYouFunnel Sync, which works with Facebook, when you add a tag, they go into the custom audience, which then [00:06:00] would allow that audience that's attached to an ad campaign on Facebook to show that correlating ad.

Then when I remove the tag, it removes them from the custom audience.

What this means is that as a person is going through a campaign and I put them in an email campaign, I apply a tag and now what happens is they get that ad on Facebook.

If they click through in the email, let's say within an hour, boom. We pull them right out of the custom audience, they'll never see the ad probably.

But, if they don't, they're going to see that ad and that ad is going to tell them, "Hey, I just emailed you something important, please go look at it." That can be a pretty effective way to do that.

Now, if you don't want to do that because you don't want to allude to the fact that you've got that much control over their data, another way to do it is just to reference the same content that is in the email and just talk about what you're trying to communicate in the email.

If you do at least drop the idea that, "Hey, I may have already sent you an email with this. If you see my [00:07:00] email, click on the link and get more details." That's one way to do it.

Again, there is a minimum of 30 contacts required to show an ad, so if you have very small number of people going through campaigns, the way that you accomplish it is you maybe open up the parameters so that you can make sure you always have about 30 people in that custom audience at any point in time.

If you drop below 30, they may stop showing your ad, but as soon as you come back up over 30, then they'll start showing it again.

Just have that understanding of that's how Facebook works so that you can target an individual and if you understand that, then that should help you to be able to make sure that you're being able to use Facebook ads as a media.

Hope this helps you.

This is Ryan Chapman with FixYourFunnel. Keep moving forward.