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If you want to make money in a business, you need three things: conversations, a way to keep the promises made in those conversations, and good business math.

I'm going to help you have more conversations with folks who are prepared to make buying decisions by the time you finish watching these two videos and doing what I recommend.

In this cheat sheet and overview video you'll learn:

  • How move from lead capture to appointment.
  • How to use questions to prepare the prospect for your appointment.
  • How to prevent double and triple data entry for prospects.
  • How cut out all the extra stuff that kills conversions of leads to appointments.
  • How to prepare prospects so that they are ready to make a buying decision when they show up to the appointment.
  • How to adjust this flow to give you the perfect balance of quantity and quality appointments.



  1. Download Cheat Sheet
  2. Watch Overview Video
  3. Watch How To Video
  4. Create Your Prospect to Appointment Flow
  5. Enjoy Increased Appointments and Sales!

Go deeper on this topic with the full training on Prospects to Appointments

Prospect to Appointment Cheat Sheet Overview

How to Set Up the Prospect to Appointment Flow

In this video I walk you through my process for setting up the flow using Infusionsoft (by keap), Fix Your Funnel and Appointment Core. See my checklist below the video that I reference for a speedy implementation of the strategy!

Set Up Checklist

  1. Write questions and answers for assessment/survey
  2. Create tags
  3. (optional) Set up video tracking
  4. Set up Appointment Core Link
  5. Create Survey
  6. Trigger text to prospect
    1. auto convo final msg
    2. campaign builder message
  7. Test
  8. Tracking and Monitoring

I highly recommend that you don't over complicate the set up. When it comes to the campaign builder portion of the set up, do the bare minimum required to get folks to show up for their appointment. I know this flies in the face of all the perfectionist tendencies you may have.

But the reality is you don't know enough at this stage about what results this flow will produce to automate anything more than the bare bones.

As an aside, if you had visited this page when I first published it, there was nothing but a title, button to download the cheat sheet and a video. I hadn't yet recorded the how to video. That came as a result of someone in our User Group asking a question (feedback). Then, questions that came up after the how to video was published, prompted me to write more details about the strategy. In other words, I allowed the market to guide my creation. I didn't guess what they would need, I followed the market's lead.

As you have prospect go through the flow you'll be getting feedback in their actions that will tell you if you should enhance further.

  • Take note of the numbers at each stage of this flow.
  • Identify which number is not where you would expect it to be.
  • Ask yourself what could be done to improve that number, but ALWAYS keeping in mind the impact of all numbers on the preparation of the prospect to make a buying decision during the appointment.

Never lose sight of the entire purpose of this strategy. It is to have as many people as possible showing up prepared to a scheduled appointment with their heart and mind ready to making a buying decision.

A buying decision may be to not buy; either now or ever. And a buying decision may be to buy begin a customer relationship with your company. Either way, we want them showing up ready to make the best decision they can.

Time Between Selecting Appointment and the Appointment

It's really important to be intentional about how much time you allow between when the prospect is selecting an appointment time and when the actual appointment may be.

I recommend at least two days for most circumstances. My first reason for this is I like to be in control of my time and how it's used. I also want to be prepared. So I never would allow someone to set an appointment for me on the same day as the appointment.

I also want to be aware of the chaos of life. I know that with the passing of time, the awareness of the prospect of our appointment may be impacted. That puts me in a position where I must do all I can to make sure that this appointment is as important to the prospect as it is to me.

I'm always thinking about how I can capture and retain the attention and interest of the prospect.

Frankly, that's why texting has become so important in my marketing and sales process. I know that the text message will be seen and evaluated. However, a text message is still bits and bytes reflected on a screen. As easy as it shows up, it can be replaced.

For that reason, if my customer value can justify it, I try and do anything I can before the appointment to get something PHYSICAL in their world. While it could be anything, I pick items that can position me properly in the mind of the prospect. I use books. Books I've written. (podcast episode where I teach you how to write a book in a week)

Whatever you use to peak their interest in showing up to the appointment prepared, make sure you give yourself enough time to deliver it!

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