Quadruple Your Video Content Views

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Quadruple Your Video Content Views

Show Notes

  • An MMS which contains images or video will likely increase content consumption.
  • Send an MMS to your customer with a screen shot/image of the video you want to share and include an explanation of why they should watch the video.
  • Include a trackable link in the body of the text so when they click on the link it will tag them in your marketing automation system.
  • It is best to have the video embedded on your own website so potential customers will be lead to your website where it will be easier for them to take action.
  • People are more likely to click on a link which includes an image than a text with no visuals.
  • Your video can include a call to action.
  • The text message included in the MMS should be brief so people will read it and react.
  • Focus your sales follow-up on those that clicked on the link and watched the video.
  • You can use MMS with images or videos as a tactic to increase your sales conversion.
  • Make sure you have permission to text prospective customers.

Transcription of Episode

[00:00:00] Hello, this is Trent Chapman again. And if you missed the last podcast, I'd recommend you stop here, go back and listen to that one because this is building upon that last episode. We talked about the difference between the strategy and tactics and the importance of having a strategy in place so you know which tactics to actually pull in to effectively move people through your pipeline of a prospect to a customer and fulfillment.

Anyway, today, we're going to talk about how do you use MMS, this is multimedia messaging through text message, and video to increase their content consumption. We've been using text message marketing for a long time. We use it in our sales processes. We use it in our follow-up processes for customers to engage in conversation with them. We use it in all aspects of our business because we found that in this day and age, people are less likely to pick up the phone, but they will respond to a text message. They will click a link in a text message [00:01:00] more likely than they will click a link in an email. And so we found that our content consumption is increased by using text message.

But today, we're going to talk about multimedia messages. These are messages that include an image or video in the actual body of the message through text message. You've probably received this on your phone. If you have a smartphone, if you have an iPhone or Android or Windows phone, you'll see that when you receive a message with a video, it just pops into your feed there from that person. Sometimes it includes content as far as words describing what the video is, saying, hey, watch this funny video and you'll receive the video and the text together in one.

With MMS, we can do the same thing from a business that wants to send out a message, wants to share some content. But in most cases, it's best to have it go to the person as an image, maybe do a screenshot of your video you want to send to them and you can include some content below that why they should watch the video, what's the benefit they'd get from watching the video, and then [00:02:00] a trackable link in the body of that text that when they click on that link, it'll tag them in your CRM or your marketing automation system that this person has clicked this link to go to this video. Then obviously, we prefer that the video be hosted in our website.

You can host it through YouTube or whatever Wistia, whatever service you use, but we like to have the video actually embedded into our website and we send our traffic to our website. And this way we're able to send them to a place where we know that there might be other actions they will take after they watch the video. We might have a call to action button below the video to make a purchase or to get more information or show that they're interested. The whole goal with the video going through text message or an image of the video with the content in the body, is we want them to receive that on their phone and be able to easily take action to consume that content.

Now, here's what we found. By sending something by email and by text message, you're gonna [00:03:00] have a much higher percentage of people that will watch the video by clicking on that link, the trackable link in your text message that showed a preview of the video. So if I just send some words, it will say I'm limited to a simple 160 character limit message. If I send that to a prospect to the text message on their phone, I've got a lot less words to be able to describe the benefit of the video, and there's no visuals here, simply text, and I've got a link that I want to include in there with a call to action, a link, right, watch this video. So I might be delivering content.

Let's say I've got a sales funnel where on Facebook someone's requesting information. I say, hey, to get this video sent to your phone right away, give us your information and we'll send this video to you. Now in the process of doing that I would like to send them this video through text message, right? So I get the permission to do that. I send them this video but instead of sending the video if I just send them a hundred sixty characters explaining what the messages and explain what they're going to get out of the [00:04:00] video, I'm kind of limited.

Now, they might click on that. But we found that even improving upon that is by adding in an image of what the video has. You just screenshot part of the video, include that image into the message body that's going on to the phone, and now when they get the text message with the image and the link and now we have the ability to send 1600 characters instead of 160 characters.

I'm a lot more likely to get that person to click on the link and want that video and when they do that and we're likely to take the next step in my sales funnel because I'm hitting them to progress and move on the sales funnel of do this, do this, do this. Then we get to the point of making a buying decision, whether that be getting on the phone call or whether it be a offer on a page where they watch the video and then get the offer to buy.

Whatever the case may be, the goal with the text message, and this case a MMS, is get them to see the image, read the body of the text there, why they should click on the link, click on the link, watch the video, and then do whatever is next [00:05:00] based on that videos call to action. This is something that we've tested with multiple businesses with selling a service, selling your product, selling strictly online, selling through phone calls by having salesperson call the person after they've shown interest, and this aspect of getting them to take action by showing them an image, having a call to action, and benefits listed in the body of the text.

We don't want to write a novel here, 1,600 characters is what we have to work with on a MMS. We're going to keep it shorter than that, that way we make sure that they're actually reading what's in there and taking action. That's the goal.

And then we include a trackable link in the MMS. That way we know they clicked on the link and we can tag them in our system and we can do additional follow-up based upon those who are showing interest. If I send a message out to 50 people and 30 of them click on the link to watch the video, I'm more likely to get one of those 30 to buy than the other 20. It doesn't mean I'm gonna ignore the other 20, but now I'm going to take those 30 that clicked on the link and I'm going to focus my sales follow up [00:06:00] more on those 30 who took the action, watched the video, but may not progress to the next action.

Use this in your marketing follow-up as a tactic to increase your sales conversion, whenever you're communicating with a prospect. Again, if you're using text messaging or MMS, make sure you have their permission to text them and that's important to note when you're making your strategy for how you're going to sell people.

If I'm using text messaging as part of my strategy, I'm going to incorporate into that as part of my initial call to action that they text in a keyword or that they someway explicitly give me permission to send them something by text message. And by so doing, I'm getting permission to send them text messages and I can continue to use these tactics in my sales strategy of sending out text messages and MMS so that these prospects can now receive the information in a way that's more likely they're going to consume the content, more likely they're going to take action and [00:07:00] follow through with the next step of our sale cycle.

Incorporate this into your business, if you're not currently using MMS, reach out to someone on our team and we can help you set that up, show you some examples of other people who are using it successfully and give you some good strategies that you can look at from a sales strategy and marketing strategy that incorporate MMS or text messaging in your business.