Random Tactics or a Strategy?

Episode # 32 - Random Tactics or a Strategy?

Show Notes

  • Understand the importance of a strategy before implementing any tactics in your business.
  • Only implement tactics that are relevant to the strategies you have in place.
  • A tactic is the means used to get an objective or in other words, the thing you need to accomplish.
  • A strategy is the overall campaign or plan for a business. It can also be described as a synergistically designed system of tactics, that together produce the end result.
  • One piece of your overall campaign that is designed to produce profit in your business is considered a tactic.
  • Consider how your different tactics work together to accomplish your overall business goals, and then identify where the holes are in your strategy.
  • Your marketing strategy needs to work with your sales strategy. There should be a consistency in your message.
  • A sales strategy might look like this:
    • A lead comes in and then the person is sent a text message through an automated system to give them the promised content.
    • Within 15 minutes of the received text message, contact the person to make sure they received the content and the possibly ask if they have consumed the content.
    • You may call them back the second day to see if they have watched the material. This is a follow-up call.
    • Send a text as a pre-call SMS, so they know who will be calling them and why.
    • Next, send an email to ask if they consumed the content with a link to set up an appointment in the email.
    • If the appointment has been set, then next share a demo of the product or service.
    • Ask questions to confirm they are ready to buy.
    • Transfer them to customer fulfillment team and the sale is done.
  • This process may take several weeks.
  • The marketing team may use direct mail to send a postcard or a book and then have the sales team follow-up.
  • Ask yourself, “What is the strategy that is going to help produce the result I am after?”, then “What are the tactics I need within this business strategy to get this result?”
  • Focus on your strategy first as a business owner, you identify what the strategies are you need to have in place.
  • Find someone who is in your similar business and is willing to mentor or coach you in business strategies that have worked for them.
  • Once you have a good business strategy then you can identify what tactics will work for you.
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