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Secrets to Effective Texting with Marketing Automation

How you can start using texting to immediately improve sales conversion, customer retention and greater profit

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Date and Time

Tuesday at 10am Pacific

In this Training You'll Learn:

  • Why texting is 10X more powerful than email when used correctly
  • How to immediately increase profits if you have any leads
  • The most powerful text message you can send to new prospects
  • The common element of all customers who buy
  • How to double your sales conversions with one text
  • How to quadruple the number of people you talk to on the phone with a single text message
  • How to get prospects to give you their mobile number
  • The most powerful use of texting that most folks are avoiding (SMH)

Your Trainer:

Ryan Chapman has been teaching businesses how to leverage texting to dramatically increase profits since 2011. Ryan entered the marketing automation world when he headed up marketing for a business with his brother in 2007. That business went from 0 to $1.3Million in the first 12 months by leveraging direct response marketing and marketing automation.

Ryan is the author of 3 business books: