Connect at a Deeper Level

Fix Your Funnel & RocketNotes Help You

Show up in your contact's physical world in a meaningful way.

Step 1

Connect to Infusionsoft

RocketNotes integrates seamlessly into Infusionsoft

Step 2

Create a Card in RocketNotes

Create a card in RocketNotes. Optionally add a gift to the card.

Step 3

Send From Campaign Builder

Add a simple HTTP Post to Campaign Builder and start sending cards & gifts.

Control RocketNotes with Infusionsoft

Quit wasting your time manually sending out greeting cards (single, double & triple fold), post cards and even gifts (everything from cookies to gift cards) and let us automate your high value lead follow up, Wowing Welcome, or any other campaign you want sending out direct mail, controlled by the power of Infusionsoft.

RocketNotes takes out the hassle of direct mail...once and for all.

Wowing Welcome

In today's increasingly competitive world, you have to find ways to show up like nobody else. Welcoming new customers helps them feel appreciated which is a necessary defense to customer wandering by building customer loyalty.

Of course you have to deliver on your promises, but going above and beyond with a small gift says volumes about you and your business. With the SendOutCards integration you can automate the gift giving to insure that it doesn't fall through the cracks.


Get Physical!

No, not like Olivia Newton John.

Today everyone wants to market online and email prospects into submission. Dan Kennedy, famed direct response marketer, said that if you really want to succeed, look at what everyone else is doing and do the opposite.

While it might sound like he was just being contrarian, the reality is if you're in a crowded room doing the exact same thing as your competition, it's really, really hard to get noticed. But if you can enter an empty room with just you and your prospect, it's REALLY, REALLY EASY to not only get noticed, but to communicate your message.

RocketNotes makes it easy for you to show up in your prospect's physical mail box, get noticed and deliver your message like nobody else.


What's The Investment?

RocketNotes has no monthly cost, just pay for the cards and gifts you send at the best prices around!

Start Sending Gifts & Cards