Simple 3 Step Process to Business Growth with Messaging

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Simple 3 Step Process to Business Growth with Messaging


So I was just having a chat with a good friend and he said, "Ryan, I'm loving FixYourFunnel, but I just haven't quite got the thing down. I don't have confidence in my process yet."

And so I want to go over these three steps because these three steps are critical. If you get these three steps right, then it's very simple to remember and you get it right every time.

But, before that, the philosophy that's behind it.

There's this philosophy and I call it Marketing Rule #19. Don't ask me about the first 18, I'll I'm putting them together.

But Marketing Rule #19 states that before you decide how you're going to lead capture, how you're going to generate leads, know how you're going to sell.

The reason why is because if you don't sell anything, you don't make any money. You have to sell.

You have to be able to sell, but most people don't think about how they're going to sell when they start doing lead capture and lead gen and, as a result, they paint themselves into a corner.

This three-step process is super simple. Once you get it, you can memorize [00:01:00] it, you can share with anybody because it will be so easy for you to get.

But the first step is you got to open the door to texting.

Now, I do this with keywords and a phone number. I'll give you an example: the keyword LEARN. That's an easy one to spell, easy to remember. If you text that to 949-835-5300, that's a phone number, it's one I just memorized.

If you text LEARN to that phone number, 949-835-5300, what happens is you'll get a digital and audio version of The Messaging Connection, which is my most recent book which talks about how you connect with people the way that they want to.

That right there was an example of lead capture that opens the door to texting. When someone texts that keyword to that phone number, yeah, they're going to get an audio version of the book and the keyword, but I'm also going to know that they're interested in my book.

Through that process, they're going to go through a three-step process to get that link. I'm going to ask for their name and their email address and then in that process, they're going to [00:02:00] know, "Hey, texting is possible with Ryan's business."

That's the first step. The first step is just opening the door so that people know, oh texting is possible.

The second step is to ask open-ended questions.

There's an automated process. A lot of people get really excited about bots and this kind of idea of automated conversations, but automated conversations are meant to start conversations, not complete conversations.

Where a lot of people mess up with chat bots and things these days is they try and make it do everything so they don't have to talk to humans. That's the exact opposite of what you want to do.

All sales happen in conversation.

Now, there are people that will buy from you automatically. They just buy. They see what you have to sell, they're interested, it solves a problem that they know they have, they don't have any questions. They just buy.

That will keep you in business. If you want to actually make money, if you actually want to be profitable and make enough where you really are happy that you're doing what you're doing, then you need to be able to [00:03:00] sell.

That means you help people who are on the fence be able to make a decision one way or the other. Is this for them or is it not?

The way that you help them make that decision is you have a conversation. You have to make it so that they can ask questions or express things that are keeping them from making a decision or, in other words, getting off the fence.

The way that that's done is you ask an open-ended question.

In my automated conversation, at the end of it, I'll often ask an open-ended question that will ellicit some feedback or some sort of thought from the person who's texted in.

Step one, I open up the door to texting by having an automated conversation, which is just made to gather enough information so we can stay in contact and then deliver the thing I promised.

But then, I also ask an open-ended question.

That can be done in one of two ways. In the automated conversation at the end of it, or through campaign builder.

We can have a campaign builder, just like you have an email campaign, we can have a step of that campaign asking open-ended questions.

Let's take this example so it's easy for you to understand.

I'm going [00:04:00] to send you a digital copy and an audio copy of that book. Well, after a few days, it would make sense for me to ask, "What did you think? What are you learning from the book?"

If I was your friend and I cared about you which, I do. I care about anybody that gets my book. I want them to understand and learn something from is so they can be more successful.

Well, the friendly thing to do is to ask, "Are you getting anything out of it or did you have any questions that came up as you're going through it?"

Those are open-ended questions. They're not manipulative questions, they're just, "I want to hear where you're at and then see if there's anything I can do to serve you."

In that moment of service or being open, what we've done is we've started a conversation. Not everybody that you asked that question to, obviously, will respond, but those that do are people that are on the fence and have a question to know which way they should go.

Should I do business with you or should I not do business with you?

And each is an acceptable answer, but one of them, they can't make that decision until they talk to somebody.

The open-ended question is designed to now start a live texting [00:05:00] conversation.

You might say, "Well, Ryan, why don't I just call them?" Well, a lot of people are afraid to get on the phone with a silver tongue salesperson and they're intimidated by that idea.

Now, some people are not. They'll just jump on the phone and they'll talk with you because now they have your phone number.

They can call that phone number, that 949-835-5300. You can call and you'll get ahold of my team. You can call that number!

But, some people are afraid to do that and they want to be able to have a safe environment where they can ask questions and explore their options to know if they should go towards doing business with you or not.

That's step three, is you got to have live conversations.

This is where a lot of people miss the boat when it comes to texting in particular is they don't understand that what you really want to do is you want to ellicit conversations and have those live conversations.

A lot of people get intimidated by it and they go, "Oh, man. I don't know that I want to be having a bunch of conversations with people."

What they don't realize they're saying when they think or say that is they're saying, "I don't have sales. I want to stay in my comfort zone of just getting [00:06:00] by or just doing pretty good, but not amazing."

And if you'll just have conversations with the people who are on the fence, they haven't decided which side they want to get off on, your business will grow in a beautiful way because you're going to have better relationships.

People that actually sit on the fence in some ways can be even better customers because they're really thoughtful. When they make a decision, they make that decision and they don't change their minds.

They've thought it through, they've explored it, and they go.

Sometimes people that go quickly can bounce around, so you'll actually find that your company will not only be more profitable, but will be profitable with better customers than you had thought were possible because you took the effort to ask open-ended questions and engage in conversations.

That's the real secret.

You want to be successful in business in these times, all you have to do is start engaging in conversations with people.

If you'll remember Marketing Rule #19: how do I want to sell, and if you understand what I just [00:07:00] talked about, those three steps, you'll have a good mechanism for selling.

Then, you build that in on top of your automation you're already doing and you'll have wild success, great results.

When you open up that door and have conversations in a way that's comfortable for the prospect, boy. Everything gets easier from there.

So that's the simple three-step formula. Open the door for texting, ask open-ended questions, and then have conversations.

And FixYourFunnel is built around that philosophy. If you do those three things, and FixYourFunnel, like I said, is built to facilitate that, boy, watch your results change and change for the better.

What happens when you communicate with people is they go, "Hey, this is refreshing. Finally somebody who will hear me and answer my questions in a respectful way."

And guess what they can't do? They can't stop blabbing about you to their friends and other people that they know need your company.

Watch referrals go through the roof because you bothered to open the door to let people on the fence see where they should go.

I [00:08:00] hope that helps you. It should, because that's the philosophy that we've seen applied over and over again with FixYourFunnel users that bring them great success.

And, again the secrets, all the sophisticated philosophy that underpins this whole three step process, is in The Messaging Connection. I want you to get a copy of it.

If you'd like a physical copy, by all means, go to Amazon. You can buy it, it's only $10.

But, If you'd like a free digital copy or a free audio copy, all you have to do is text LEARN to 949-845-5300.

This is Ryan Chapman with FixYourFunnel, keep moving forward.