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Fix Your Funnel Helps You

Reach Your Contacts Easier by Giving You
A Direct Connection to Infusionsoft for Calling

“Calling in 2 Hours What Used to Take 7 Hours.”

- Anna Carter

Step 1

Connect to Infusionsoft

FixYourFunnel Integrated Dialer is deeply connected to Infusionsoft's powerful data and automation.

Step 2

Add Team Members

We don't charge you by the team member, so add as many as you need to get the calling job done.

Step 3

Start Closing More Sales!

Contact lists from your Infusionsoft directly in the Integrated Dialer by phone or text message.

“After Using For a Day I Can't Believe How Much Time Savings.”

- Adam Loveridge

Increase Sales

The easiest way to increase sales is to increase the number of conversations a sales person has in a day. With the Integrated Dialer we eliminate all the time sucking decisions that a sales person doesn't need to be making and give them full access to the tools necessary to have more conversations. We've even given you special tools like pre-call messaging to double conversations per dials made.

The list of features that make the Integrated Dialer the most powerful calling platform for Infusionsoft is extensive.

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Daniil Pleshkov
Reviewed on: 02/01/2018

A must have for proper Call and Message handling. Plus they have a lot of ways to seal up your leaky funnels. Their customer support is exceptional too.

Matt Schmitt
Reviewed on: 12/18/2017

FixYourFunnel's ability to send a text message from a standard phone number is extremely underrated. A must have for anyone using a call-center style system with Infusionsoft.

What's The Investment?

To access the Integrated Dialer you must have the FixYourFunnel Platinum Account which gives you access to the best pricing on text messages, call minutes, and phone numbers.

The Platinum Account includes 2 phone numbers (you can add more if you need them) and is $124/mo.

Check it out before you get started. Want a demo of the Integrated Dialer? Let's chat...Click the green chat button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

“Perfectly Integrated with Infusionsoft.”

- Gary Senser
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