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How to Thrive in a Downturn Market

Transcription of Episode Ryan Chapman: Welcome for those that are able to make it live, if you're listening to the recording, welcome as well. We're gonna be talking in a over a series of trainings...Read Post

Level Two Facebook Secrets

TranscriptionIn the last episode, I went over Level One Facebook Secrets. If you haven't listened to that one, make sure you go back and listen to it because this episode builds on the concepts we we...Read Post

Level One Facebook Secrets

TranscriptionToday, I want to share with you some Level One Facebook Secrets that I figured out over years of marketing with Facebook.There are Level Two Facebook Secrets, but just like if you're pla...Read Post

Simple 3 Step Process to Business Growth with Messaging

TranscriptionSo I was just having a chat with a good friend and he said, "Ryan, I'm loving FixYourFunnel, but I just haven't quite got the thing down. I don't have confidence in my process yet." And ...Read Post

Build Loyalty with Messaging

Transcription Yesterday I was talking with a friend and a relative that is a dentist and he was talking about a coach that he's been going to and that coach is actually teaching him that after the en...Read Post

3 Steps to Double Your Webinar Results

Transcription I just got done with a phone call with a couple good friends who are doing webinars, they were have some issues and they wanted to talk.I was reminded of the 3 keys or the 3 things that ...Read Post

Who Should You Call?

TranscriptionOne of the things that I learned in basketball, and I like to play basketball, I'm 6' 7", so I had to do basketball or volleyball or at least paint ceilings.And so I liked basketball, and...Read Post

Business Growth Formula

TranscriptionYesterday, when I was at Infusionsoft at the end of training their salespeople on texting and messaging and the importance of it, one of the things that came up was they asked, "How woul...Read Post

Build Strong Offers

TranscriptionSomething that's kind of interesting that I've observed is that people will spend much more time on mechanics than they do on the actual offer that they make in their marketing.This is a ...Read Post

All the Money is in Live Texting

TranscriptionI was at Traffic and Conversion Summit last week and we had a little booth for one of our companies, YetiText, and as I was there, one of the things that came up a few times is we were t...Read Post

Should You Have a Team?

TranscriptionOli: Hey there everybody. This is Oli Bilson and I am with Mr. Ryan Chapman. Hello, Ryan.Ryan: Hello.Oli: And also his younger, healthier brother. Healthier, I'm not sure if that's right...Read Post

Is Vision Really Critical?

TranscriptionOli: Hi there, everyone. This is Oli Bilson and I am with Mr. Trent Chapman. Hello Trent.Trent: Hey, Oli, how are you doing?Oli: And also Mr. Ryan Chapman, hello Ryan.Ryan: Hey, it's a p...Read Post

Dealing with Feedback

TranscriptionNext week, I'm going to be giving a talk at Infusionsoft's Partner Conference. The title of that talk is "Never Let a Good Plan Get in the Way of Success." I think this is a particularly...Read Post

How to Fix Mind Viruses

Transcription of Podcast When I first got started with Infusionsoft, it was on a training company that my brother, Trent, and I had just started. The first money that we made from that business, we a...Read Post

The Phone Funnel Framework Part 2

Transcription of Episode Ryan: Alright, welcome back! In today's discussion, I've got two special guests with me. Oli, of course, completing our conversation that we've been having about the four pil...Read Post

Should You Cut Expenses or Grow Revenue?

Transcription of Episode In my work, I have some really cool things and then there's some terrible things. The really cool thing is I get to see all these businesses succeed and grow wildly, have tra...Read Post

The Phone Funnel Framework Part 1

In this episode, Ryan and Oli Billson discuss Step 3 of Oli's 4 Steps to Business Success, the Phone Funnel Framework. They introduce how to use interruption-based marketing to actually convert your ...Read Post

The Direct Path to Success

In this episode, Ryan talks with Oli Billson on finding a direct path to success, how to best learn from failure, and Oli introduces four pillars for success in your business. Transcription coming so...Read Post

Improving your Appointment Numbers

Transcription of EpisodeI just got an email from someone who attended mine and Troy's Autopilot Appointment Funnel event last week or a couple weeks ago in Orlando. They've got the appointment funnel...Read Post

Hidden Profits in Any Business Found with a Text

Transcription of EpisodeThere is profit that is hidden, in most businesses, right under the surface.In today's episode, I want to talk to you about one of the easiest ways to extract more profit out o...Read Post

Two Essential Skills for Business Success

Transcription of EpisodeRecently, it's been kind of obvious that there's these two important lessons that a lot of business owners either are struggling to learn or they haven't become aware of yet t...Read Post

Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

Get Ryan's new book: The Messaging ConnectionTranscription of EpisodeDo you let past mistakes dictate your future choices?It's a fascinating question because a lot of people use their paradigm of the ...Read Post

Short Code vs. Normal Numbers for Texting

Get Ryan's new book: The Messaging ConnectionTranscription of EpisodeOccasionally this question comes up of, should I use a short code or should I use a normal phone number? And the truth is, this dis...Read Post

Are You Wasting 95% of Your Time in Your Business?

Get Ryan's new book: The Messaging ConnectionTranscription of EpisodeIn 1896, the Italian engineer and economist, Vilfredo Pareto, noted that about 80% of Italy was owned by 20% of the population. I ...Read Post

Is Your PC Paradigm Hiding Opportunity Right In Front of You?

Get Ryan's new book: The Messaging ConnectionTranscription of EpisodeHey, it's Ryan Chapman from FixYourFunnel and in today's podcast episode, I wanted to review some topics from my new book, The Mess...Read Post

How to Create a Book in a Week

Get Ryan's new book: The Messaging Connection Step #1: Get an idea of what the book should accomplishStep #2: Assemble any content you've created on your topicStep #3: Make a list of important points...Read Post

How To Effectively Leverage Text Messaging When Speaking to Groups

Transcription of InterviewRyan: Okay. So, if you don't mind, can we start from that point where you're now running trusted advisors, you're teaching, you've got your speakers, and you started out as ...Read Post

How To Master Your Merchant Account

In today's online world, a merchant account is about as important as a bank account. But if you don't know how to use a merchant account properly, and work with the provider, life can get very uncomf...Read Post

Part-time $40K Per Month Side Business

Show NotesTrent and Ryan, along with another business partner, have created a side business that brings in an additional $40K per month.20% of their revenue goes toward the cost of the tools used.The...Read Post

Getting Prospects to Say: "I Want to Buy"

Show NotesYour goal when working with a prospective customer is to engage them in conversation so they can make a buying decision. You need to warm up the prospect before they will make a buying deci...Read Post

Quadruple Your Video Content Views

Show NotesAn MMS which contains images or video will likely increase content consumption.Send an MMS to your customer with a screen shot/image of the video you want to share and include an explanatio...Read Post

Random Tactics or a Strategy?

Show NotesUnderstand the importance of a strategy before implementing any tactics in your business.Only implement tactics that are relevant to the strategies you have in place.A tactic is the means u...Read Post

It’s Not Business; It’s Personal

Show NotesHow you communicate with your customers isn’t business, it’s personal.See your customers as people who could be part of your family. By doing so, you will naturally communicate with the...Read Post

Overcome Your Email Addiction

Show NotesEnrich your media selections and don’t rely only upon email to deliver your messages.One of the primary uses of InfusionSoft is email deliverability and consequently, sending an email shou...Read Post

When Automation is the Answer

Show NotesThe biggest mistake in automating is automating the wrong thing.Once business owners start using automation, they often automate too many things, including the wrong thing. They then don’...Read Post

Use Positioning Strategies to Create More Sales

Show NotesIf you would like your sales and marketing to be more effective, consider utilizing Dan Kennedy’s positioning pyramid for better results. At the bottom of the pyramid are generalists. The...Read Post

Get More Customer Referrals

Show NotesGet the cell phone number of a current customer who has the potential of sending you a referral.Send an MMS with a vcard (contact record from your address book on your mobile phone) attache...Read Post

Do You Try to Email Your Way to Results?

Show NotesIf you have a list that is cold, old, or unresponsive that you want to reactivate, you will need to spend some money to make money.Take your email and phone number list and upload it to Fac...Read Post

Increase Your Conversation Rate

Show NotesIf you talk to someone, the chances of them doing business with you go up. With that in mind, you want to have more conversations in your business. One of the best ways to have more convers...Read Post

Capture Attention with an MMS Message

Show NotesA text with a picture is called an MMS or a multimedia message service.When sending a text, you can include more content in one picture than you can in a text with only words.If you are loo...Read Post

Opening the Mind of a Potential Client

Show NotesWhen we are forced to evaluate a question and possible answers, we internalize the message.If you evaluate a question and discover the answer for yourself, you will internalize the answer m...Read Post

Visualize Key Metrics in Your Business

Show NotesFix Your Funnel uses Graphly to visually see data from Infusionsoft.Infusionsoft’s most powerful function isn’t automation, but rather the data it provides regarding what is going on in...Read Post

Open the Magic Black Box

Show NotesInfusionsoft and other automation programs seem like a magic black box as you can’t see into it and know what is going on.In order to Inspire confidence and utilize programs like Infusion...Read Post

Focus on the Long Play

Show NotesOne of the best ways to do marketing is to focus on the long play rather than the here and now.If you are only focused on today, you are probably not making good decisions.You can afford to ...Read Post

Finding the Right Solution

Show NotesPeople frequently mistake what the real problem is in their business. We typically look at everything we currently know and ask, “How do I solve this problem?” Instead ask yourself, “...Read Post

Are You Applying the Wrong Solution to Your Problem?

Show NotesSometimes in business we apply someone’s suggested solution to our problem and don’t see the results we want. When this happens we are most likely applying the wrong solution to our pro...Read Post

Increase Your Webinar Attendance for Five Dollars Per Day

Show NotesPeople often forget why the webinar was so important to them in the moment of registration.It is your obligation to keep your webinar registrants aware of why it is important for them to att...Read Post

Increase Your Webinar Sales

Show NotesCreate an opportunity to engage in conversation with those webinar attendees that did not buy. The following strategy has been successfully implemented by Frank Kern:Require your webinar reg...Read Post

How to Increase Your Webinar Show Up Rate

Show NotesOnline webinars are a great way to communicate with and educate a large group of people, as well as a way to move people down the marketing process to the sales process. What prevents people...Read Post

Transform Your Mobile Experience

Show NotesYou may have noticed in recent years that everything is going mobile.90-95% of Facebook traffic happens on smartphones and tablets.The people who are on Facebook are likely the people who wi...Read Post

Debunking a Common Marketing Myth

Show NotesSome people believe that the less information you ask for in an opt-in, the better conversion rate you will have. This common marketing myth would have you believe that there are no other le...Read Post

Why a Text May Be Worth More Than a URL

Show NotesSending people to a website is a common method for initiating a customer relationship. If you have a website pixel for Facebook on your website you will at least be able to track your websit...Read Post

What Does a Good Sales Experience Look Like?

Show NotesMany people think sales is getting other people’s money into your pocket.Take concern for the person you are selling to.Put their needs first in terms of your sales process by asking yours...Read Post

What Marketing is and What it is Not

Show NotesMarketing is not about extracting money out of people. It is about connecting with people.If your marketing is focused on getting money out of people, you will lose the game, as potential cu...Read Post

How to Get Your Message in Front of People

Show NotesConversational marketing is very natural and is set in a natural tone.Conversational marketing opens up communication channels. These channels can include social media, emails, text messages...Read Post

What Type of Text Messaging is Right for Your Business?

Show NotesMany business owners wonder whether they should use short code or a regular phone number to contact their customers.Regular phone numbers have been around for a long time and were intended f...Read Post

Finding Your Lookalike Audience

Show NotesAs a small business owner you can utilize Facebook to help grow your business.Facebook has what is called a lookalike audience.You can upload a set of email addresses and phone numbers to cr...Read Post

A Key to Making Things Happen

Show NotesThe key to getting a lot done is to act quickly.If you are faced with a new opportunity or idea, you need to act quickly.Even in the course of a conversation, take an action right away to ge...Read Post

Do You Have a Marketing Goal?

Show NotesIf you don’t know what your marketing goal is you will lose time and money.Your goal in marketing should be to get people to take the next step.Often businesses try to get people to make a...Read Post

Why the Phone Number Matters

Show NotesA key to successful online marketing is pinpointing a unique identifier for an individual. This allows you to be more aware of how they are interacting with marketing across all media format...Read Post

Start Using Pixels Now

Show NotesWhat does it mean to "pixelize" a visitor? Pixels are used to track people who have visited your site and allow you to tailor your marketing toward their interests.Facebook is the most power...Read Post

How Do You Define a Lead?

Show NotesFor direct response marketing, a lead means you have contact information that you can use to reach out to a potential customer.How do you define a lead? Are your leads those that you have an...Read Post

Positioning, Marketing Plan, then Automation

Josh the Chiropractor In this new format, Ryan helps Josh to see how to take the assets he has available to understand how to improve his business. The formula for Josh is to first, position himself ...Read Post