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US and Canada Carrier Filtering

SMS Carrier Filtering in the United States and Canada This is a brief overview of text message filtering by wireless carriers in the United States and Canada that can affect the delivery of your Fix Y...Read Post

Do Not Sell By Text Message

Trying to sell in a text message is as smart as using your phone while driving.Maybe you do it, but you have to know at some level it's dangerous.The truth is you can't effectively sell in 160 charact...Read Post

Broadcasting Best Practices

Almost everyone that starts using texting wants to send broadcasts. But did you know that telecoms hate broadcasts and are doing super shady things to prevent folks from sending them with their busine...Read Post

How to Automate Text Message Marketing with Infusionsoft in 3 Easy Steps

In this short video you'll learn how to easily and quickly automate SMS into your campaigns so you can jump the email inbox and communicate with customers and prospects more effectively.First you'll l...Read Post

SMS Text Message Automation and Infusionsoft... do you know the rules?

There are WAY too many business that use SMS/Text Message marketing like a toy, instead of a valuable business tool.  Of course, if you use it like a new toy, you probably aren't getting the best...Read Post

How to send text messages through Infusionsoft!

Today I am going to share with you how we tackled the challenge of sticking with Infusionsoft's claim to avoid "multi-system chaos" when it came to adding in the ability to send text messages with Inf...Read Post