The FixYourFunnel Team AND some unexpected news.

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I want to give you an idea of the size of the team here at FixYourFunnel.

You may have already met Jaden, Levi, and Tyson from our support team. I happen to think they are some of the best in the business.

You don’t see or interact with our development team.

We have Travis, who is not only our iOS developer but also our development manager. Steph, Maciek, Will, Cynthia, and Vedant make up the rest of the development team.

There’s Trent, my brother, and business partner, who co-runs the company with me and who also founded our first successful company using infusionsoft, SSG.

Todd, who runs marketing and automation internally, in addition to managing our Yeti Text product (for non-infusionsoft/Keap folks).

Jared who handles sales.

Then there’s me.

You haven’t seen as much of me as normal the last few months as I was working on figuring out the cause of some intense pain in my outer hips that I classified as an 8 out of 10 on the pain scale, without pain medication. With pain management, I’m still at a constant 5 with flare-ups to 7/8.

I saw multiple doctors in various specialties in an effort to get a diagnosis as to what was the cause and how I could address it to stop the pain.

Tuesday I finally discovered the cause. It was not what I hoped or expected.

This journey has reminded me of the journey of an entrepreneur as they search for a way to make their business successful.

You may work with multiple gurus or teachers. They may limit the scope of where they look for solutions and prescribe what they are familiar with, which doesn’t produce the result you are looking for.

And often, as in my case, when you finally discover the real key to reaching your goal, you discover it is going to stretch you and demand all you have.

In my case, I found out that I have colon cancer.

It was not what I expected and I’m still baffled that a tumor in my intestines could create the pain I’ve been experiencing in my outer hips. But the doctors are all certain that’s the case.

In the coming weeks I will be stretched and all my effort will be demanded to overcome the cancer.

I’ve had folks morn with me about this news. I’ve had people say it doesn’t seem fair. But what I have discovered is that many of the skills that growing a successful business has demanded of me, are also applicable to facing challenges in other areas of life.

Today it’s common for folks to do everything in their power to avoid adversity and challenge. They want a calm sea and no hurdles.

In business you can either have calm seas or you can be successful. You have to learn to deal with the consequences of poor decisions you made in the past.

You have to learn how to deal with things the market throws at you out of left field.

The business challenges you face are never fair or what you would choose. But to be successful you have to accept what is and work toward adapting.

When I suspected that I had colon cancer on Monday, I’m not going to lie, I got very emotional. My grandfather died of colon cancer. I was in the room up until right when he passed.

In business, when hit with some challenge out of left field I’ve felt some strong emotions before I grounded, accepted reality, and laid out an initial game plan to overcome.

Likewise, once I let out some of the emotions, I grounded, accepted reality, and laid out an initial game plan.

Monday I’ll meet with my Oncologist Surgeon, and I’ll ask a lot of questions and we will refine the game plan a little more.

One step at a time I’ll learn more and adapt.

So, I won’t be as active in the group as I focus on this important challenge. But I hope you know we have a great team that is clear on the vision that you’ve heard me articulate here, in my book The Messaging Connection and in my newly released course on Texting (you can gain access by texting COURSE to (760) 990-7900).

Trent is taking the wheel while I focus on getting the cancer out of my body and reorienting my nutrition and habits to ensure the cancer won’t find an environment that will support it in the future.

I expect to be back with a new lease on life in early to mid 2021!

Nov 13 2020

The FixYourFunnel Team AND some unexpected news.

I want to give you an idea of the size of the team here at FixYourFunnel. You may have already met Jaden, Levi, and Tyson from our support team. I happen to think they are some of the best in the b...
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