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The Yellow Brick Road Method and The Secret of Knowing Where to Focus on Your Business


In this video I go through a business problem with one of our users, and with his permission share what I discovered and how to address the issues at hand.

You'll notice that the first 30 minutes or so we don't even talk about technology. We talk about the numbers of the business, the flow of getting money into the business, and how those to data sets tell us exactly what needs to be addressed first to get the money into the business.

The final hour of the recording includes an in depth look at Fix Your Funnel's direct mail, integrated dialer and text messaging solutions. I do stray from the point of the business that needs the full focus as my role in this training was to expose potential solutions for now as well as next steps of solving the ongoing business problems provided.

If this were my business I would laid out the anticipated plans for the areas of need with less specificity and focused detailed plans of action on the point of constraint. Once the point of constraint had been removed and acceptable flow created, we would have looked at the numbers again and re-evaluated if the new constraint was as anticipated, then followed the same process.

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