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Video Tracking for Infusionsoft


What DID They Watch?

If you use videos in your nurture sequences, or even in your lead capture, then you know one of the big questions that hangs out in the back of your head is, "How much are they actually watching???"

I've paid Wistia a hundred bucks a month just to get some insight into what is going on with video views. And while I'd say it's been a good investment, I also know that the data hasn't been that actionable.

YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia?

I consider these to be the big three of video hosting. And frankly, I like the YouTube player the best for mobile, but without tracking it has been on my back burner. But now FixYourFunnel supports all three for video tracking, but I'm still keen on spending my money with Wistia, and here's why...

Percentage Watched.

About 7 years ago we had video tracking we used internally, but I wasn't thrilled with how they worked. They seemed to be inconsistent, so I pulled the plug and went forward assuming that I'd just have to deal with the lack of reliable video tracking. Shoot, I even went so far as to try someone else's video tracking 4 years ago, but it was worse than my old YouTube and Vimeo tracking, so I threw my hands up and said, "I'll just deal with it."

But then in February 2018, I felt the bug itching again, so I decided we should give it another try.

Video Tracking at Last!

I'm excited that FixYourFunnel is now supporting reliable video tracking for Infusionsoft and it's included for all text messaging accounts!

Let me give you the run down of how you get them to work and then I'll let you know the limitations and strengths of each.

How To Use FixYourFunnel Video Tracking

First you create a video tracking set up for the video host of your choice here.

Then you decide what tags you want applied to the contact when they watch your video. I'll get into the options when I go through each video hosting service's strengths and weaknesses.

We'll provide you with some HTML to place where you want your video to load and then a javascript snippet to add to your page as well.

Finally to get a video to track back to a contact you will append ?ContactId=~Contact.Id~ to any link in your emails from Infusionsoft, or just use a FixYourFunnel Trackable Link! All FixYourFunnel Trackable Links already naturally append the contact id in an expected format, so they work right out of the box.

Additionally, FixYourFunnel Mobile Pages and Surveys support Video Tracking. Just put the HTML video holder into the page and you're set. We load the javascript snippet automatically for you.

Wistia Video Tracking


Wistia has always been known for their analytics and they don't disappoint here. Wistia is the only video host that provides a percentage viewed value that is EXTREMELY useful. When you choose the percentage viewed option, that means the percentage of the total video viewed. Not percentage of the total video time. For example, if someone watched the first 10% of your video 10 times, you might think that the percentage viewed would be 100%, but Wistia keeps track of every second viewed and would report that as 10% viewed. If the viewer scrubbed to the last second of the video after only watching the first few seconds, Wistia won't be fooled!


Obviously there is the cost that Wistia charges, but I consider that minor when it comes to business. If you can't afford $100/mo for video hosting, then there are deeper concerns for your business than video tracking and fortunately other options if video tracking is a primary requirement for your marketing.

No, cost isn't the weakness, it's the mobile player. It leaves a lot to be desired, and as a result is my biggest concern with Wistia as a video hosting option for video tracking with Infusionsoft.

YouTube Video Tracking


YouTube's number one feature is it's mobile player. It is the best of the three options, by far. So if I were on a budget, or just knew that my traffic was going to be primarily mobile, I'd definitely consider YouTube as an option.


The biggest weakness for YouTube video tracking is that we only have one option, second viewed. This means that if the video is playing and the second you want to track is viewed, then the tag is applied. However, if the person scrubs by that second in time (plus or minus 3 seconds), then the desired tag won't be applied. While, in my view, this is a weakness, it's not unbearable. This helps you to know that a precise moment in the video was viewed, which can be very important if you want to know that they saw something that you will reference as a result.

Vimeo Video Tracking


Vimeo is cheaper than Wistia and allows you to control what you host. While this might not be the biggest deal to some folks, you can be confident that YouTube's SJW's won't be pulling one of your videos down because they think your business is offensive. So the control over what you host, along with the lower cost is it's biggest strenght.


Unfortunately, Vimeo has a couple weaknesses at this time. It does share the limitation of second viewed as the only tracking option, just like YouTube, but it's mobile player is also weak like Wistia's. This is not a great combination. I've paid for Vimeo in the past, and it does have it's highlights, but over time it's become tougher for me to understand it's value above a cheaper alternative to Wista.

Classic Video Tracking Strategy

When it comes to video tracking, our go to strategy is tracking engagement from a text message. Of course with FixYourFunnel Trackable Links you can track the tap of the link to the page with the video, but that didn't mean that the contact actually watched the video. Now, with FixYourFunnel's Video Tracking for Infusionsoft you can set your minimum view point and then trigger another text message that can reference what they would have viewed in the video.

The ability to engage a person at the time of their engagement with your video is HUGE! Because at that moment you KNOW that they are thinking about what is in your video.

WARNING: be careful about how you show your cards. My 11 year old son loves to flash his cards when we play this card game called Gubs. It's not a good idea. He ends up losing and then gets upset. You're going to have a lot of information about what your contact is doing. Reveal your cards carefully. Maybe it's a good idea to be a little covert about your inside information. Delay a little. Play it off a bit.

However, other times it will be to your favor to be very direct. My personal preference is to ask an open ended question; one that gets the contact engaging in a conversation. I prefer this because CONVERSATION is the last step before a purchase.

If you'd like to see video tracking in progress, then text YouTube to (760) 621-8199.