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Zoom Bots

How to Connect Fix Your Funnel to Your Zoom Account

Getting contacts registered for Zoom Webinars with Fix Your Funnel is easy.

  1. Go to the Zoom Authorization Page
  2. Click the Authorize button
  3. You may be prompted to login to Zoom
  4. Click the button to authorize Fix Your Funnel to access your users and webinars
  5. You'll be redirected back to Fix Your Funnel and you're ready to set up the Zoom Register Bot in your Infusionsoft Campaign using an HTTP Post

What do the Fix Your Funnel Zoom Bots do?

There are two separate funnel bots that work with Zoom.

Zoom Register Bot

This bot uses your Infusionsoft contact records to register a contact for a webinar and saves the join link to the contact record as well as applying tags when the contact is registered so that you can initiate automation with the registrant. If anything goes wrong during the registration process an error tag will be applied to help you identify what needs to be done next.

Zoom Check Bot

This bot is intended to be run AFTER the webinar is over and will check the attendance of all registrants and apply a tag if they attended as well as save the duration of time the attendee was on the webinar and how attentive they were.


Both of these bots require a free funnel bots account or are included in your paid Fix Your Funnel account. You also need an Infusionsoft application in order to use these bots. They work by creating an HTTP Post that will be added to an Infusionsoft Campaign Builder sequence. The HTTP Post will ping Fix Your Funnel to let us know to register or check attendance for your contacts.

Trouble Shooting

Why are my webinars not showing up on the Zoom Register Bot set up page?

Verify that the user you selected created the webinar you are looking for.

Verify that the webinar is set for a date and time in the future. Past webinars are not shown on the Zoom Register Bot page.

All my registrants are showing up with the first name Friend. Why?

Make sure contacts have a first name in their contact records. If the first name is in the contact records, verify that you have copied and pasted the HTTP Post name/value pairs properly. When a first name is not present we provide the word Friend so that Zoom will register your contact.

How to Get Help

Click on the little chat button in the bottom right corner of any page to get help with any issues you may have using Fix Your Funnel Zoom Bots. If you have suggestions or questions that you'd rather resolve over the phone, call us at (760) 621-8199! We are always happy to help.