Increase Your Sales While Reducing Your Dependence on Email

Fix Your Funnel Helps You

Capture leads and communicate with prospects by text message so your marketing is actually seen

“FixYourFunnel is a powerful part of our marketing tool kit, but what really shocked me was how easy it was to set up and use!”

– Don Miller, StoryBrand

Step 1

Connect to Infusionsoft

FixYourFunnel is built to work exclusively with your Infusionsoft application to give you full access to texting with Infusionsoft.

Step 2

Pick a Phone Number

You’ll have your very own unique phone number for sending and receiving text messages and phone calls.

Step 3

Capture & Text Leads

In minutes you’ll have your first lead capture conversation in place and ready to gather new leads into Infusionsoft.

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Dramatically Increase Revenue

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What Makes FixYourFunnel So Different?

It’s not about us. It’s about you.

We think about missed baseball games. The elementary school presentation you couldn’t attend. The dinner you didn’t sit down at. Relationships that were neglected. We’re here to help you claim back minutes and hours of your life that can never be replaced. You might be wondering how a software solution that does texting and phone calls can accomplish all that, but give us a chance and you’ll be pleasantly surprised, like thousands of other business owners who now know what we’re talking about.

Between tools, training and support we’ll get you the results that will give you back time that’s been stolen in the past.

What’s My Investment?

At FixYourFunnel we want to take the risk off your shoulders, after all, you’re in business, so you take on enough risk. To help you we offer a $1 trial. For that $1 you’ll get 30 days of full, unfettered access to the FixYourFunnel texting platform AND we’ll give you $20 in credits to use for text messages!

That means you can start capturing leads, incorporating text messages into your campaigns and increasing your bottom line with FixYourFunnel for only a single dollar! After that first 30 days you’ll begin our Gold Plan with is only $49/mo.

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